October 3, 2012

The Lover and the Beloved. ~ Salvatore Vionito

The musician sits in the chair, poised,

Sitting up straight, pressing lips softly

Against the smooth shaped mouth piece

Forming a sealed connection,

They are in union.

 Sacred spaces between two bodies are merged.

With the slow release of a boundless supply of air

Pushing into the tiny chambers of the flute

 the musician’s fingers

dance effortlessly across the top.

In the wake of this union,

 Heavenly music resonates

 reaching the hearts of everyone.

Without any discernment

The music transforms itself through listening ears

And the audience sits quietly entranced and focused;

They too are a vital part of this performance.

Sitting amongst the masses,

Floating high on a sea of consciousness,

Connected to the higher power in ways

the mind can’t even begin to comprehend.

Each heavenly breath drawn into the this bodily vessel with purpose;

Sacred spaces between two entities are merged.

The cosmic cup of the body.

Breathing out,

The light expands and pervades the heart of all

 Like the sun washing over the morning sky

Without any discernment,

Rays of serenity and cleansing

 Shower over the people.

Entranced and focused

They too are a vital part of this performance.

Always evolving on a never ending spiritual journey, a student to the Guru within, Salvatore spends his time writing poetry inspired by the universal teachings of the Divine.  He constantly seeks out the microcosmic truths that exist within every living moment in order to always see the creator within the creation.  Writing is one of the ways that helps him accomplish this goal.  When Salvatore isn’t writing he loves to go on hikes, meditate, practices Bhakti Yoga, spends time with his wife, 3 daughters and cat, and always tries to find ways of reducing his family’s carbon footprint. He is also the co-owner of Avani Priya Malas and Jewelry www.avanipriyamalas.com a custom Mala shop that he and his wife Jenni created.  Salvatore has future ambitions to create a Poetry blog and also to start working on his first book of Poetry to be titled “108 Poems to the Divine.”



Editor: Anne Clendening

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