The River Life. {Poem} ~ Ruth Calder Murphy

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on Oct 28, 2012
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“Evolution” by the author


Mine is a River life,

a springing,


cascading life

that grows and opens,




in the journey

and the little things—

the resting place lakes

and the waterfall



Mine is a dancing life,

a waltz to fox-trot life,

a whirling,


roiling life

that rests


in the constant arms of Death.

Mine is a meadow life,

a wild-grass-head-tossing

freedom life,

poppies and cornflowers,

cowslips and buttercups,

Spring’s quickening in my soil

and the consolidation

of Winter’s kiss.

Mine is a music life,


and largos,


and staccatos,

laced with vivace

and soothed with dolce sotto voce.

Mine is a forest life,

A root-reaching,


always growing life,

stretching to past

and future

with every breath.

Mine is a coloured life,

no black-and-white only life

but spectrum-split

and rainbowed all the way,

Mine is fire life,

air and water life,

mud-mothered earthen life

and beyond:

My life is spirit life,

A tesseract with fire in its belly

and the scent of eternity on its breath.

My life is a living life,

a dying life,

a rising again to the great beyond life.

And beyond life…

And beyond.

Ruth Calder Murphy is a writer, artist, music teacher, wife and mother living in London, UK. Her life is wonderfully full of creativity and low-level chaos. She is the co-author of one published novel, The Scream and author of several books of poetry, one or two as-yet unpublished novels and lots of short stories.

She is passionate about celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of people, questioning the unquestionable and discovering new perspectives on old wonders. She is learning to ride the waves that come along—peaks and troughs—and is waking up to just how wonderful life really is.

Visit Ruth on her website here and on her Facebook page here.


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