October 31, 2012

Thinking (a poem). ~ Doug Margel

An ode to non-dualism.

If we think about it
We are not free
Because we cannot choose
To not be who we think we are

We can not give up
Our who-ever-we-are ness
So we are bound by our fiction
By who we see/think/act we are


Real freedom is
Having nothing to abandon
No fiction to maintain

No struggle to win
No victories to achieve
No thought patterns to release
No stories to tell
No knots to untie

They have already untied themselves
And there was never really a knot there anyway
And this confusion never really began
Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Buddhas don’t think;
What they do is always effortless, spontaneous, freedom.
And always (all ways) appropriate.

Doug Margel (lama Dawa) is a Western born American Lama in the tradition of the glorious Gyalwa Karmpa.


Editor: Seychelles Pitton

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