This interaction between Gov. Christie & a Mom reminds me why I want to enter politics.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 31, 2012
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Updates: For unbelievable photos of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath in NJ, click here (lefthand column). (NYTimes)

Romney Campaign bought 5k worth of goods to give to supporters to give back to him for “relief” effort. (Atlantic)

Obama seizes commander-in-chief moment: Democratic and GOP governors alike commend the storm response of the federal government. (

Partisan site, but true: Obama Goes To Red Cross To Thank Them. Romney Tells Red Cross To Break Their Rules For His Campaign. (

Mitt’s team scrambles with aftermath of FEMA comment and ‘Romnesia’. Words have a way of coming back to haunt Mitt Romney, especially when he says them in front of television cameras. (

Clinton Rips Romney For Criticizing Obama Promise “To Turn Back The Seas” (

Romney campaign spent $5,000 staging ‘supplies’ for his storm relief photo-op. (

Romney Faces Scrutiny on Aid in Storm’s Wake (

If you can help in NJ: 1-800-JERSEY-7.

When we rue “politics,” we mean partisan politics. Public service is what politics is truly all about: politics that isn’t about winning, but about serving. Politics that isn’t about image, but about compassion. As Christie says in the video below, “my job first and foremost is the health and safety of the citizenry.”

Gov. Christie & President Obama, in working together for the greater good, remind us that, in times of crisis, we’re not Democratic or Republican—we’re Americans. We’re human. We’re afraid, we’re courageous, we need help, and we can help. We’re all in this together.

This interaction between Gov. Christie & a Mom reminds us of politics’ higher purpose. Via the NY Times:

“This is going to be a bit of a haul,” Mr. Christie said.

Kim Bosso introduced the governor to her son, who has cystic fibrosis. He has been cut off from his breathing machines since the power went out, and she said the utility company had told her that she was not a priority case and her insurance wouldn’t cover her if she went to a hospital.

“This is my lawyer,” Mr. Christie said, introducing her to Charles McKenna, his chief counsel. “He’s going to take care of you.”

Mr. McKenna took down Ms. Bosso’s information.

Bonus, below video: Gov. Christie eschews partisan politics, twice, focuses on what matters: his citizens, and getting them help, and all those who would help him do so—even if that’s the President, who only a week ago Christie was railing against on behalf of Gov. Romney.


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10 Responses to “This interaction between Gov. Christie & a Mom reminds me why I want to enter politics.”

  1. Carol says:

    Amen – what will it take, to pull us together again? Obviously, it takes (however momentary) forgetting of separate interests.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Michael Konin Kato Public service is what politics is really about. But it isn't really all about the people. It is also about the planet, how it enables and supports life. We don't know everything about how it works. In fact, we know very little about that. We see evidence that some things aren't very good, but we continue to act as though there is nothing wrong. We've got to find a better way to live together, not just Republicans and Democrats, but Christians and Islamic people, Americans and Iranians and Russians, Jews and Palestinians, terrorists and the terrorized. Politics is about being strong enough to disarm, giving up some riches so that others can eat, stopping up CO2 emissions just in case, and finding a way of reducing everything, including people on the planet. We can only work politically as a planet. We cannot accept people who glorify hoarding as our political leadership. The people and the ideas that got us into this crappy situation are not going to lead us out of it.
    about an hour ago · Unlike · 2
    Phillip Fenty We "interare".
    about an hour ago · Like
    Patrick Barley This guy's for real! He cares about his state and the people who depend on his leadership. Definition of a leader, and I'm voting for Obama.
    I admire men of integrity, i.e. Chris Christy & Barack Obama.
    about an hour ago · Edited · Unlike · 3
    Kim Daub Sadly it seems that only in times of devastation are we united. Once the waters recede the claws come back out and we forget that we are all people and need each other. I've been through a major natural disaster – a huge flood took out a huge chunk of the city I lived in (Summer 2008). It was all love and hugs the first couple of weeks. Four years later people are still at each others throats, houses and buildings are abandoned, and the city is still trying to recover in a flailing economy. Mother Nature is a force more powerful than any of us. She tries to teach us lessons but we only heed her for so long before returning to our ways …

  3. Mark Ledbetter says:

    "This… reminds me why I want to enter [email protected]

    Being the old guy here, I'm prone to throw wet blankets over these wonderful sentiments. Yes, Obama and Christie have looked very good. So, yes, politics, too, has some good people.

    But why is it that when a banker does something good (and there are good bankers doing good things all the time) we first of all rarely notice, and even if we notice, we don't get reminded of "why we want to enter banking"?

    I chose banking on purpose, just to make a point, but you can insert any money-grubbing job or profession in its place.

    Public service through politics is great if the government doesn't have much power… no power, for example, to make wars, to incarcerate people for victimless crimes, to promise the sky to win elections, or to hand out favors to collusionist businesses. If government doesn't have the power to do those things, it will be less attractive to people who crave power and you might actually have a chance in an election.

    But, If you have a super-sized government, war and unjust incarcerations and all the rest become possible. And when those things become possible, the people who are best at winning elections by manipulating both the system and the populace are usually NOT people like Obama and Christie (let's make them both good just for the sake of argument). I.E., they are not people like you, who are so inspired by politics. The winners in the political game are more likely to be people who would shock idealistic innocents if the innocents could look in the hearts of the winners.

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  5. nikki says:

    Great post, Waylon! I guess you've been following what Marrianne Williamson is doing with Sister Giant? I'm very inspired by her call to the spiritual community to get more involved in politics. She makes a very valid point that this community often shys away from politics because it's so toxic. But we are the very people who OUGHT to be very involved. In that spirit, we just posted an article on Obama's Accomplishments in first four years (our first ever political article.) But leading up to a close election, and in the wake of Sandy, we thought it was critical. Nikki, Co-Founder
    Hope you enjoy:

    and PS, if you do run, let us know! happy to support. =)

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