This is as close as Stephen Colbert, a Sunday School teacher, ever gets to saying “F*ck you.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 25, 2012
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For context, and more funny. Speaking of transparency, we’d still like to see these.

Full video:

Bonus: did we blame Bush for being unprepared for 9/11, which caused 3,000 deaths, not 5? How many questions does Fox News have to ask before we forget that Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden? Is this video masterful?


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4 Responses to “This is as close as Stephen Colbert, a Sunday School teacher, ever gets to saying “F*ck you.””

  1. Digital Dave says:

    Colbert has been on fire the past couple of weeks! =D

  2. ConservativeAshley says:

    Yeah.. Obama went out there and killed him himself…. Shouldn't we not forget it was the MILITARY that had done this? Fox News is the number one watched news station in America, so obviously they are doing something right that CNN and MSNBC cannot.

  3. Eric says:

    Fox News is "number one" because they appeal to the lowest common denominator for sensationalized Conservative infotainment. The only thing they are "doing right" is recognizing and placating a demographic which watches them consistently and already agrees with their slant on the news–that means embedded high ratings. it has nothing to do with being "right" or somehow better, it has nothing to do with journalistic integrity, it just means the other networks aren't quite as adept at it–just like the Democrats aren't as adept as the GOP at putting forth a branding of their platform.

  4. mariavlong says:

    Wow thank goodness you set me right on this one. That's good that the military did not wait for orders from Obama and went ahead and did it what it thought best. Stupid me would have never figured out that's how it works, Maybe that's because I don't watch fox. But that would be like you being here on EJ looking for something to ruin your day.