October 11, 2012

Time to Clean House. ~ Jennifer Pilates

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There are greener pastures awaiting you.

‘Tis that time of year when many of us are “cleaning out” our closets, saying goodbye to one season and hello to another. Think back to how good it feels when your house is clean, the mirrors are all shinning and you can sit and relax in peace and quiet.

We all take pride in keeping our houses, vehicles and desks clean (well some of us do). I know, if you’re like me, you just love it when everything is in order.

Now let me ask you—why would you not do that in every aspect of your life? I can feel it…your pondering—where is she going with this?

Often we forget one very special part of our lives when cleaning—our relationships.

So, I ask you. Take a moment. Sit back and think about those in your life. Are they serving their highest purpose for you at this time? And yes—we are going deep…don’t panic…just breathe.

If they are not serving their highest purpose for you at this time in your life—well, yes indeed, you know what I am going to say: maybe it’s time to clean those dust bunnies out of your life too. It’s okay to say,

“I love what we had, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry and I’ve gotta’ move on.”

That exact excerpt came to me from a friend on a day when I was struggling with a relationship. You know the ones where it feels like the life is being drained out of you. On one hand, you feel like it’s your duty to be the supportive friend; but on the other, you can feel every last bit of breathe being squeezed out of you. We all have them—friends, family members, lovers, co-workers. They are there; and every now again it’s okay to say, “enough!”

With that said, my friend reminded me with a chuckle, “always be grateful for the dust bunnies in your life, but know when it’s time to clean house and move on.” So, I say to you—be good to yourself, don’t ever let anyone rob you of the beautiful energy and soul that is within you.

Be grateful for every experience, look at them as lessons learned, take the knowledge with you and move on.

There are greener pastures awaiting you, there are new relationships, jobs, experiences and most of all your dreams!

Jennifer Pilates has been an Advanced Pilates Instructor and Celebrity Trainer for over 13 years. She enjoys working one-on-one with clients in-studio, as well as live via her Virtual Pilates Studio.Instructing clients, freelance writing and  traveling are  what inspire her. She has a love for life and living it to it’s fullest! She believes you should do what you love and love what  you do! To find out more about Jennifer, visit her website at www.JenniferPilates.com.

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