Video: Romney debates himself.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 7, 2012
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This video should be 5 minutes longer.

…and we still wouldn’t run out of contradictions, all from this year alone. Go back 20 years, it could be 15 minutes long.

For more. There’s plenty more by way of fact checking out there from the first debate, alone.



Ask and ye shall receive:



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7 Responses to “Video: Romney debates himself.”

  1. Awake68 says:

    was waiting for someone to make this – was thinking it would be much longer too. Its pretty easy to find footage of him from this year contradicting his debate lies. I was just stunned -jaw to the floor and couldn't speak- over his debate behavior. Horrible.

  2. tridentgirl says:

    Man, I totally wish this was waaay longer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Waylongtheschlong says:

    This is why I might vote for Romney. Obama will never be a libertairian, but Romney changes position so often, the probability is that one day his positions will reflect my own.

  4. Ryan says:

    Romney has never changed his position. His position is and always was, what’s best for Mitt Romney and friends. What he has to say and do to accomplish that are only details that matter little to him. It’s just now catching up to him. Whether or not people can see this or not will determine if he becomes our next president. The details of his “positions” are not important.

  5. Alice_2112 says:

    and not for this lying 1%er who believes its good for the economy to stash his millions in offshore accounts, made those millions as a money launderer to increase profits for Bain investors, fired Americans and moved jobs overseas, has a $102M IRA (how is that possible??) , is the first presidential candidate to refuse to show his tax returns, said 47% of Americans are dependent on govt. and believe they are victims AND gets a business deduction for his wife's Dressage horse and doesn't know why windows on airplanes don't open.

    Romney IS the poster boy for the 1% -for that bad, unethical kind of wealth building that is rapidly shifting our country into an oligarchy.