What are You Waiting for? Wake Up & Give.

Via Tara Lemieux
on Oct 2, 2012
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Photo by Tara Lemieux

It’s a choice… every day, every moment.

Do more than belong, participate;
Do more than care, help;
Do more than believe, practice;
Do more than be fair, be kind;
Do more than forgive, forget;
Do more than dream, work.    

~ William Arthur Ward

How often is it that we have the most amazing opportunities, these moments in time to share so truly and completely of our own spirit? To both figuratively, and literally, extend our hands? And in our reach, offer hope?

In every moment of every day—through each and every corner of this great wide world—there’s an opportunity for “giving.”

And through each and every reach and stretch of this most magnificent universe, someone just like you is creating a new chapter in this story of compassion. And it all starts through one random act of loving-kindness.

I am humbled by the most wonderful stories of kindness and grace. Because in each of them, there exists a common thread—a realization, that the true gift is the giving. Through the simplest act of extending our spirit, we are actually “gifted” with something much more marvelously magnificent in return—the opportunity to directly touch the soul and spirit of another human being. This is the magic of loving-kindness.

And, every morning, in those first few minutes when we’re stretching off our covers, and wiping the crusted sleep from our eyes, we make the most important choices of this, our newest day. In those first few moments, we have the choice to express gratitude. We have the choice to express love. We have the choice, to express loving-kindness. And, in those first few moments, we hold in our hearts this most amazing capacity to choose to affect the greatest change. It is in those first few moments, that we reflect… we feel… we decide.

Every Thursday since 2007 Dan Dewey has faced the same choices we all do. And in those first few minutes of his every Thursday morning, Dan Dewey has chosen to share of his heart.

Who could have ever imagined that something so simple as buying a cup of coffee could become something much greater? But compassion has this most extraordinary power to ripple through and share its story with all who’ll listen. And from this simple act, hope is born.

This particular story inspired me so very much because it shows—with such grace and simplicity—how the very littlest of things we may choose to do may have the greatest and most longest lasting impacts of all.  In each day, we have the opportunity to step forward and share of our spirit—this is always our choice. And it doesn’t have to be something super magnificent, or life changing… because, sometimes lives can be changed through something so small as sharing our time… our attention… our spirit.

This is loving-kindness. And this is what our world needs most. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to show and share my compassion and love?”

In this moment, choose to make your life a “giving” life. And choose not just to feel, rather, choose also, to do.

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5 Responses to “What are You Waiting for? Wake Up & Give.”

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  2. James Bonder says:

    excellent story, did not realize such small things makes difference.

  3. Tara Lemieux says:

    *everything* makes a difference.

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