November 7, 2012

10 Reasons why President Obama won.

10 Reasons why President Obama won our Vote.

1. America is on a trajectory, through the decades, a seed planted by our Founders, toward tolerance and compassion—toward Equal Rights for All.

2. Women are 54% of the electorate.

3. Romney “won among those who oppose gay marriage, want to outlaw abortion, or favor mass deportation of illegal immigrants. None of those are majority positions in this country anymore.”

4. Lack of transparency on the part of Gov. Romney: Romney, unlike his own father when he ran for president some decades ago, refused to disclose his own taxes. His finances, already in question due to offshore accounts, another sorry first, and Bain Capital, a brilliant successful and viciously ruthless business, begged transparency.

5. “Mr. Romney, it turns out, made a fatal decision during the primaries to endorse a hard line on immigration, which earned him a resounding rejection by Latinos.”

6. Obama is likeable, and polls bore this out. He’s sincere. More than Clinton, in my memory, or Hillary. More than Kerry. He’s a sincere, authentic, unselfconscious, relaxed, steady, likeable human being, as is Michelle.

7. Obama’s ground game, once again—volunteers, voter turnout, millions of dollars from donors instead of a few rich old men—and his aggressive set-the-stage early strategy.

8. Sandy allowed Obama to serve us as President, not merely a man campaigning for politics. It allowed him to do what he does best, and has done again and again: deal with crisis, reassure the American people despite overwhelming challenge, and to work in a bipartisan, post-partisan manner with those on the other side of the aisle who were, in turn, willing to cooperate toward a greater good.

9. Fiscal Liberalism. As in 2008, a fiscal liberal was once again trusted to right our ship. Polls again favored Obama to take care of the economy—a strength that Republicans are used to exercising, but didn’t find in the polls. His “economic policies that stress job growth, health care reform, tax increases and balanced deficit reduction” were, as he said many times, the right way to go both ethically and practically. We’ve tried their way, and it led to a Clinton-created surplus turning into a Bush deficit, etc etc.

10. All the reasons listed here.

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