The Connectedness of Us All: A Thanksgiving Meditation.

Via Anne Falkowski
on Nov 19, 2012
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Source: via Karen on Pinterest

The Connectedness of Us All.

With Thanksgiving looming so close, I am both tenderly and painfully aware of those loved ones who are not at my table.

Some because they live far away, some because they have passed on, and some because of old hurts that have not yet mended.

Recently I came upon a meditation which honors the connectedness we have to all human beings. This week, I am guiding this meditation during shavasana in all of my classes. It can also be done in comfortable seated pose.

I offer this meditation to all of us who desire to honor their relationships—past, present and future.

The breath connects us to all those who have come before us, all those who share this planet with us in this moment, and all those who will come after us. Use the simple act of breathing to remind yourself of this connection.

Bring to mind a person who is nearby, physically. Someone who is sharing this very room, or home with you. As you inhale, take in their physical presence. As you exhale, send them awareness and appreciation.

Bring to mind a person who is close to your heart, but far from you. As you inhale, bring them to mind. As you exhale, send them love and support.

Bring to mind a person who is suffering. As you inhale, breathe in awareness of their suffering, and as you exhale, send them compassion and understanding.

Bring to mind an ancestor, a predecessor—someone whose very life has made your present experience possible. As you inhale, take in the meaning of their life, and as you exhale, send them gratitude.

Bring to mind all those who will come after you. As you inhale, experience the beauty of your own life. As you exhale, send them the fruits of your life, and hope for the future.



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6 Responses to “The Connectedness of Us All: A Thanksgiving Meditation.”

  1. Linda Abt says:

    Such a beautiful meditation!

  2. Meme says:

    Lovely! I plan on sharing this with my classes tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. amahrey says:

    thank you. my day needed that.

  5. Perfect, Anne. Thank you for sharing!

  6. shanan says:

    Just perfect! Thanks so much. Inhaling, bringing you to mind; exhaling gratitude for this meditation