Another Boulder “eco” filmmaker blows up Internationally: Jeff Orlowski in the New York Times.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 4, 2012
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Boulder’s a small town, that makes outsized ripples. Tech. Natural Products foods and beverages. Poetry. Buddhism. Yoga. Cycling. Running. Science. Health. And, then, Boulder’s Louis Psihoyos & Friends took their The Cove won Best Documentary at the Oscars. And then Jeff Orlowski (who I first met when at SXSW, ironically, where I was speaking on a panel about mindful media and he was taking home yet another award for Chasing Ice).

I got the heads up on Jeff’s latest media coupe via Troy, via Facebook:

“So proud of my friend…Jeff for his feature in today’s New York Times. His Sundance award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice, premieres in NYC and Toronto Friday, and elsewhere next week. I’ll be at the Boston premiere on 11/16.”

How to Hustle your way to a Sundance win (and wake up the world to a self-made emergency in the process): click here for the NY Times article: 

Snapshot | Jeff Orlowski

What to Expect When You’re Shooting Glaciers

Talking With Jeff Orlowski About ‘Chasing Ice’

Here’s the trailer:


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6 Responses to “Another Boulder “eco” filmmaker blows up Internationally: Jeff Orlowski in the New York Times.”

  1. Looks like a phenomenal film! Bill Maher interviewed photographer James Balog (Director of Extreme Ice Survey and photographer for the film). Can't wait to see it.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Waylon- this is so awesome of you to post. Lynn, Chasing Ice will premiere in Denver on Nov. 23rd.

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  6. indiereign says:

    Thanks! for uploading such a nice video !