November 15, 2012

Choose Wisely. (Written as Sandy Howled.) ~ Samantha Caplan

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I am the earth.

I am an ever changing, shifting, growing, dying, living, breaking, being. I am bigger than you. But we’re both made of energy.  

Energy is our doorway to connect with all other living things. Your dog, your plants, your mom, your friends, your lover, your food… are all alive with energy.

But energy hums a tune so many humans struggle to connect with… they move too quickly and with too much noise.

It’s time to be still. I invite you to be very still.

I invite you to stop. Stop buying, arguing, warring, liking, hating, teaching, speaking, messing, cleaning and doing. I invite you to stop and listen to the energy around us.

We share energy. It bonds us. I invite you to be still and listen. You can hear what I hear. And I hear change. Energy is ever-changing.

Change is like a hurricane. It is change due to the result of change. Our oceans, ice caps, moon, and sun… They all change with you and with me.

Can you hear it?

A change is the only constant, just as an end is the only promise. You could say they are one in the same. Life will always have an ending. This happens to give energy to new life.

Are you listening?

Sandy will come and she will go, and in her wake will be more change. She does not ask you to hear her; she commands it.

The name ‘Sandy’ is Greek. It means: ‘Defender of Mankind.’

Be still. Be still and listen. We are energy and we are changing.

Humans often pretend to listen. Then to verify they’ve done so, (as if evidence was necessary to demonstrate they listen and exist), they participate… competitively. It happens through TV channels, cell phones, newspapers, iPads, video games, radios and emails. These are frequencies. They create vibrations.

Humans can pretend to listen, but this is not the same. This is not hearing any energy. This is filtered awareness. I challenge you to stop and truly listen.

Do you hear the flooding waters? The falling trees? The wind along your power lines? Do you hear it? Does it still you?

Listen to your energy, your life. Listen to your tune and how it weaves with mine, the earth. What world are you living in? How does it affect you? What emotion are you with? Where is your frequency vibrating?

I do not exist for you. I exist with you. I feel your energy and the frequency in which it vibrates; love and hate; glory and devastation. And everything in-between.

What is your frequency?

Please remember, you take from me as I from the sun. But someday the sun will die. We are guaranteed change, not stability.

Yet, humans grasp and beg for the false permanence of more. More what? More time, more light, more things, more good weather, more beauty, more youth, more life, more love, more oil, more money, more food, more jobs…more. But there is no more. ‘More’ is merely a concept, an idea, a longing that perhaps erupted from a fear that we are not enough.

There is no ‘more,’ there is only what we have and what we do not have, what we are and what we are not.

We have right now. We have this moment. We have life. We have each other. And we have love.

I am not immortal. But I do not fear mortality. I fear moments where humans become abandoned frequencies, irrational beings whose neglected energy is vast and vibrates fear and ignorance.

Can you be still?

We have love. This is not to say where there is love there will be no pain. Love can be healing and renewing. Love is accepting of the change.

Love’s frequency is soaring and that energy is great. But humans still must choose to be still or to keep moving, to listen or to tune out, to hear or be deaf. And then they must choose a frequency.

I ask you to be still.

I plead for you to listen.

I long for you to hear.

And I beg of you: choose a frequency wisely.

This is only my perception. It was written while Sandy howled outside. This is my reality and what I hear. I decided to share because I hope it will help another to hear.


Samantha Caplan is a product of her environment. With a mother who specializes in end-of-life care (that is, assisting families and loved ones with their final moments on this earth), and a father whose passion  is the homeless and less advantaged, her love is of people and our mother earth. A graduate of the University of Vermont, she is a health-obsessing, running, yogi-ing, big-picture thinking, chocolate-loving, martini sipping, writing, tweeting, purpose-searching woman…who is occasionally too stubborn for her own good. Some of her work includes cancer-care and research, online education, and personal health coaching and nannying. Diverse, if nothing else.
If you want to find out more (or just say hello) feel free to email her at: [email protected]

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