November 1, 2012

Dear World. ~ Teresa Kruger

Thank you for being so beautiful.

Thank you for letting me travel you endlessly and adventurously. Thank you for letting me be a part of the never-ending and mysterious beauty that you are. Thank you for opening my heart and showing me what lies beneath all of the things that don’t really matter: the war, the squabbles, the religion—those are all just people’s things— like cars and cell phones.

Dear world, thank you for showing me the way.

Thank you for your music, your beautiful places and your beautiful faces.

Dear world, I bow to you.

Thank you for showing me how good and how sweet you can be. Thank you for showing me lessons I need to learn, when I need to learn them.

Thank you for inspiring me to become who I truly am, dear world.

Thank you for sweet laughter and sweet love. Thank you for blessing me with this body and this soul—for that, I’m eternally grateful. So much, you’ll never know. Thank you for these eyes, so that I can see beauty. Thank you for these legs to trek the mountains and swim the seas.

Thank you for letting me touch and feel, for letting me fall down and get back up again. Thank you for letting me find love, and lose it—then find it again. Thank you for blessing me, in the ways I need to be blessed, in order to move through this world the way I was intended to. Thank you for giving me just enough—not too much, so that I can appreciate what I have.

Thank you for the beautiful souls who I’ve met along my journey, whose lights shine so bright, they could light the entire world. They have left footprints on my soul and touched my life in ways which are hard to explain, but easy to feel.





Teresa is a work in progress and enjoys sculpting her life and waiting for beautiful mysteries of her life to unfold before her.  After traveling to India to become a certified Hatha yoga teacher, she decided to open her very own yoga studio in Wisconsin. She teaches traditional Hatha yoga classes as well as meditation. She also is newly married and enjoys spending time with her husband doing things like: vegetarian cooking, walking their nine bundle of attitude (miniature pinscher), Maggie, or going for hikes and spending time outside exploring. Teresa is a self-proclaimed dreamer and romantic. When she is not teaching yoga or hanging out with her husband you can find her with her nose buried in a book, with a paintbrush in her hand or writing heartfelt essays and poetry. She dreams also of traveling and hopes to one day be lucky enough to see a generous  portion of  the world.


Editor: Evan Livesay

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