I don’t like Fox—or MSNBC. Partisanship isn’t fun, or accurate. But Rachel Maddow, here: right on.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 9, 2012
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Partisanship is a problem.

And Rachel is a bit too partisan for me. But her theater, her eloquent summation here…it’s compelling, and relatively thorough (she skips over some “bad” news for her “team”):

“Ohio really did go to President Obama last night, he really did win. He really was born in Hawaii, and he really is, legitimately, president of the United States again. And The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not make up a fake unemployment rate last month. And the Congressional Research Service really can find no evidence that cutting taxes on rich people grows the economy. And the polls were not skewed to oversample Democrats. And Nate Silver was not making up fake projections about the election to make conservatives feel bad. Nate Silver was doing math.

And climate change is real. And rape really does cause pregnancy sometimes. And evolution is a thing! And Benghazi was an attack on us, it was not a scandal by us. And nobody is taking away anyone’s guns. And taxes have not gone up. And the deficit is dropping, actually. And Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. And the moon landing was real. And FEMA is not building concentration camps. And UN election observers are not taking over Texas. And moderate reforms of the regulations on the insurance industry and the financial services industry in this country are not the same thing as communism.”


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One Response to “I don’t like Fox—or MSNBC. Partisanship isn’t fun, or accurate. But Rachel Maddow, here: right on.”

  1. Padma Kadag says:

    If you can back it up like Rachel Maddow every day with thoroughly researched information or back it up like Chris Mathews with legitimate calls for compassion and old school bi-partisanship why not "Like" MSNBC? We live in a world of politics where all compromising begins to negotiate right of center. Rachel Maddow knows this and eloquently brings us back every night to re-establish a fact based point of discussion which demonstrates the erroneous foundations upon which the liberals try and establish the "center" due to the unbending conservative doctrine. What news do you suggest? The very less than accurate Wolf Blitzer?