November 28, 2012

I love this man. {Heartwarming Tearjerker: Ryan Van Duzer & Viator}

I love Ryan Van Duzer. Okay: we all do.

He’s been a true friend and an elephant columnist and, most of all, his big sweet smiling energetic never-giving-up caring bicycle-happy children-supporting world-vlogging adventurous star of a self, always. He’s made his own success. He loves his ma. And he gives to community, again and again—and so, it’s not magic it’s love—we give back.

And together, last night, we did it.

And thanks to the Smiling something-or-other (see below) Foundation, and Ryan and lovely Asha, Community Cycles is gonna get $4,000 bucks to put more children on more bicycles. And if you think yoga or meditation or therapy is transformative stuff…well, give a child a bicycle, and see them learn responsiblity, exercise, kiss diabetes and obesity good bye, learn to calm their mind through connecting with their breath and body and the out-of-doors…and to do it all without hurting our earth. It’s a win-win-winwinwin.

So here’s the story: basically Ryan and Asha traveled Europe and were in some contest with Viator and we were all voting for them and liking Viator’s page and watching videos and there was another talented, amazing team and their community doing the same thing. The contest ended last night at midnight, and it was too close to call.

Via Ryan’s partner in adventure, Asha:

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to vote for me in this contest. I know how annoying these contests can be I know some of you voted many times and I’m really appreciative. It literally came down to the last second. At midnight we were up 4 votes and thought we had won. And then at 12:03 we looked again and the other team went ahead by one vote. So we’re still waiting to hear how they are going to resolve this. It sure was a nail-biter. But I also want to let you know that if they decide that we didn’t win, I’m still going to donate $500 to Community Cycles which will give bikes to kids in need for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

And, via Ryan:
I’m addressing you today via video. I want you to hear me say these words, not read them in a stale FB post. Once again, thank you all for your participation in this, it was truly inspiring and I love you all!
Good luck not crying. Real men cry!

Now get some well-deserved sleep, you two!

A bunch of their amazing fun videos (see the menu):

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