November 14, 2012

“Let’s stop pretending that, suddenly, with this election, bosses have been transformed into reluctant assh*les.” ~ Jon Stewart

Bonus: Papa John’s Obamacare costs are far less than price of “Free Pizza Giveaway” ~ Huffingtonpost.com

“American pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s has become the latest target of an online boycott campaign after its CEO John Schnatter revealed that employee hours may be cut in order to avoid paying for their medical insurance under President Obama’s new health care reform laws.”

“Let’s face the facts: pizza and coal companies are just unlucky enough to have a labor force that can’t be outsourced.”

“Obamacare is just the latest excuse to wriggle out of the social contract…”I’d love to be able to give employees health care, I just can’t” excuse, he said. Not that they don’t have a legitimate gripe against the president: “If Obama had fought harder for single-payer health care, business owners like you would never have to pay another premium in your lives.”

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