“Obama tearing up as he thanks his staff today.” (Video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 8, 2012
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“Ripples of Hope”: Barack Obama tears up in thank you speech to his young staff.

You know this man, renowned and sometimes criticized for his calm and cool, is exhilarated, inspired and tired when he sheds a tear twice in one week (Video: Obama’s remarkable, humbled speech at his last campaign rally ever).

“I’m Really Proud of All of You.”

“You’ve lifted me up.”

Crying a sign of weakness in some eyes? A top comment over at Reddit wonders. But: Winston Churchill was as tough as they came, and he cried all the time.

Another top comment at Reddit: “I’m proud that this man is my president. Growing up, I never thought I’d say that about anyone. His compassion cuts straight through my cynicism.”

Video: The source of his perseverance and hope isn’t his own work or dreams or mission; it’s seeing the next generation already begin to exceed his extraordinary path.

On the other hand.


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6 Responses to ““Obama tearing up as he thanks his staff today.” (Video}”

  1. Gerry Ellen says:

    he is such an authentic human being. Brought tears to my eyes, as well…..Love this man.

  2. Sandi says:

    I never in my life thought I could have such emotion, respect and compassion for an elected official. He lifts ME up. I am so thankful he is our leader. Thank you, Mr. President!

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