Science is Sexy.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Nov 26, 2012
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Does anyone not love Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

NdT is one of my all-time favorite thinkers/bad ass scientists:


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16 Responses to “Science is Sexy.”

  1. eliz says:

    Ohh man… I totally thought you were going to tell me he did yoga. It is amazing what smooth thoughts that inspires!

  2. Timmy_Robins says:


  3. Timmy_Robins says:

    @neiltyson: End-of-world prophecies for 2012 are hoaxes perpetrated by the scientifically illiterate on the scientifically under-informed

    @neiltyson: Y'all should know by now that if the World were going to end for any cosmic reason, I'd tell you how and I'd tell you when.

    @neiltyson: Always been fascinated that in any state, counties with big cities or institutions of higher learning, tend to vote Democrat.

    @neiltyson: Try not to think of science as a dose of unwelcome medicine, rather as a means of coming closer to the operations of nature.

    @neiltyson: Alka Seltzer is fizzable. Uranium is fissionable. I'd prefer that my leaders knew the difference between the two.

    @neiltyson: Dear @MarsCuriosity, Scientists conceived you, engineers designed you. But seriously, who do you like better, Scientists or Engineers?

    @neiltyson: Q: What do you call Alternative Medicine that survives double-blind laboratory tests? A: Regular Medicine.

    @neiltyson: Tasty Cosmos: Milky Way bar, MoonPie, Eclipse gum, Orbit gum, Sunkist, Celestial Seasonings, Mars bar. No food named Uranus.

  4. paul says:

    Not to be contrarian, and I understand the sentiment, but these quotes come across as condescending and unmindful. Fetishistizing science is a disservice to science, and the bluster these quotes represents teaches people how to not think. Science "truths" of today is tomorrows ignorance- that's why it's science. Maybe if I wanted him to want me, in bed or his club (as these quotes would have me), I'd be able to look beyond his circus.

  5. Timmy_Robins says:

    "Science "truths" of today is tomorrows ignorance- that's why it's science."

    Well, not really.
    This is a very common assertion in mystic and spiritual circles but it only shows there is a huge misunderstanding of how science works.
    Science builds on itself. Science is built on a cumulative knowledge base. …Modern biology wouldn't make any sense without the theory of evolution , the same can be said of general relativity and classical mechanics…etc.
    A deep history spanning hundreds of years can be given for almost any scientific idea.

  6. His twitter is one of my faves!

  7. paul says:

    Regression to the mean and advance in technology and research have revised or rewritten "truths" about race, gender and sexuality, "truths" about therapies and drugs, and "truths" about geology, space (or lack thereof), and the scope of the universe. The promise of science is that it seeks to remove biases, something fetishistizing and fantasizing compounds it rather than removes. Tyson understands how science works, and that is through a culture of funding. His bluster is for encouraging this, but just makes him another showman for circus, not understanding.

  8. Timmy_Robins says:

    No respectable scientist would call them truths. The first thing you learn in any science course is that there are no absolute truths in science, just varying degrees of certainty. Theories are always open to revision if better evidence is found.

    Making science is expensive so yes funding is important and neccesary.

    His bluster might or might not be for that but there is also the interest of fighting ignorance and superstition.

  9. paul says:

    I think we are in more agreement than not, “Every great scientific truth goes through three phases. First, people deny it. Second, they say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they say they’ve known it all along.” —Neil Degrasse Tyson (couldn't source it but a gif series has been around, <a href="…” target=”_blank”>… (first link on google; no site endorsement implied)). He is also quoted above saying "science is true whether you believe in it or not", which is was I was responding to. The othering that fetishization requires is insulting and unnecessary.

  10. Timmy_Robins says:

    Yes , you are right sometimes scientists can be arrogant assholes. i think that what is important to understand is that science is still the best tool we have to explain the material world. Philosophy and religion cant explain how plants turn sunlight into energy or why germs cause disease.

    The fact that theories are open for revision doesnt mean that all of them are wrong or that sooner or later all of them will change. Some areas of science are controversial but others rest on pretty solid foundations and keep getting stronger. Some theories get stronger as more and more evidence piles up. This is where we talk about facts or things that actually exist , true things.

  11. paul says:

    You are of course right that science is the best tool for understanding the material world, and more importantly that it is a tool, not some be all endall that makes everything better; "science" is often used without acknowledging the humanity that is using a methodology, and especially in the private sector, to an end, not just knowing. I would go further and drop the material requirement to say it is the best tool to understand the inner world as well, but again it requires an honesty, dedication and recording, in addition to habitual evaluation of biases.

    It isn't that Tyson is arrogant or an asshole (though I don't care for such), but that he, and many others, are misleading and making "science" something for people to cling to and laud, as if it weren't people doing the work, making the theories and observations. Take the first tweet you posted above; while doomsdays are usually hoaxes to thieve, in the famous case of the Mayan Long Count, it was an over-reading (or fantastical reading) that gave Dec. 21st 2012 its doom, not a hoax, and it was honest in its intent, as are some doomsdayers (misguided though they are aswell, fingers crossed). He and others get away with these shaded facts (or lies, quickly revealed by simple research) because of the othering fetishizing makes of "science" and its supposed detractors, where ignorant baddies are somehow conspiring to bring down "science" (cue the reel of the ignorant and innocent savage needing salvation). Another scenario I've seen, also a product of fetishization: "science" is responsible for cures and helpful technologies, while "humans" are responsible for weapons, dumping waste, and exploiting land and labor (that make the cures and technology). Yet another is restricting discussion of science to basic physics and biology, when science is used in all sorts of fields, though I don't know that this is intended to mislead, vs what I see from Tyson.

    There is no discussion about true things, or "true" things, without discarding biases.

  12. Timmy_Robins says:

    Couldnt agree more there must be dozens if not hundreds of fields, plus the arts and humanities, etc…
    We are all free to choose which of them best suits our worldview but that doesn't change the fact that the laws of physics and other kinds of natural phenomena do apply to and affect all of us without exception. You will still die if you jump from a plane without a prachute whether you believe in gravity or not.

    Cheers buddy