November 10, 2012

Screaming Darkness. ~ Adam Bilwas

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A Wake Up Call

Most of the time I’m about giving my fellow humans the space to be who they want to be.

Lately though, I feel this crazy anger rising up inside.

Chaos owns so many souls

and they crowd this world like zombies,

eyes rolling back, feeding off the energy of others

I struggle with this fire that lies inside,

torn between working dark magic and spreading the light

towards those who are toxic.

Steaming cigarette smoke helpless into the air my daughter breathes,

my sword is so easily drawn now I am ready to bleed,

ready to go to war with the unconscious of this world.

There is no enemy, there is no I

but the desire to harmonize is like a war cry.

So we scream,

waiting to hear the universe respond

and wake up the ones whose ignorance can no longer bond

there is no hiding.

I am here, we all participate equally in the passive sleep

and now I ask those who lie


adrift in the cold,

take responsibility for your part

as this paradise unfolds.

I don’t want to wait anymore

or shield my baby girl from your sickness.

The thief is not some corporate executive

nor is it nuclear left wing upside down politics.

It is that part of you who treats you like shit,

pushing your face into the mud,

not allowing you to breathe the fresh air of a new day,

a new Earth,

a new life.

You can start at any minute.

You were born to be beautiful.

Don’t tell me you are happy

when the look in your eyes is lost almost blackened.

Actions speak louder than words.

I can see through your lies.

Don’t waste your time looking for a savior;

he doesn’t exist.

This is a wake up call from the darkness in me to the darkness in you.


Adam Bliwas has studied a majority of the world’s religions, followed history’s greatest teachers, did a couple asanas and is learning to be a walking Messiah. Finding humility within this path has proven to be a paradox that has driven him close to the edge of insanity. At the age of 24 he and his beautiful life partner, Jane, were chosen to be parents by a sweet soul they named Evangeline Frances. Being a father is teaching Adam that true enlightenment is to wake up and choose happiness, to be thankful for joy, sadness, wet diapers and poopy ones. He practices his own fusion of yoga and Tai Chi, climbs trees, and laughs at himself daily (thanks to Jane). Adam, Jane, Evangeline and their three cats are moving to Maui in November to pursue a more communal way of life, living with the land, and sharing their creative expressions.


Editor: Edith Lazenby

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