November 9, 2012

Smoking Marijuana. ~ Tom Degan

I did something on Saturday that I hadn’t done in at least thirty years.

I tried marijuana.

Do you wanna hear the punchline?

I’m fine.

No one was harmed by my actions, not even I.

I had to drive a very sick friend up to Poughkeepsie to purchase it; she suffers from severe nausea, the result of a congenital liver disease. Marijuana is the only thing that relieves the symptoms—she can’t get a prescription for the stuff, so she needs to engage in “criminal” activity in order to survive (she was never a recreational drug user).

When I finally got her home, she offered me a couple of tokes…I sampled her medicine merely out of curiosity.

I had forgotten what the feeling was like…I remember now. Listening to the digital remix of Strawberry Fields Forever was quite nice; nothing is real indeed.

Also, I discovered the surrealistic video comedy of Ernie Kovacs in 1977, a few weeks after I stopped using. I had never watched Ernie while high before. I watched him on Saturday. That was quite an interesting experience, let me tell you.

As interesting as Saturday afternoon was, I don’t plan on smoking pot again—or, at least not for a very long time. But here’s something you need to know: after using it, I didn’t have the urge to move on to heroin or other far more dangerous drugs. The experience did not turn me into an “addict”; it only made me sleepy—and just a tad giggly.

I do not physically crave marijuana, nor am I going to go out and rob someone or steal from my friends in order to get my “fix.”

I’m fine.

So are you.

Do I advocate its usage? I don’t—but, I advocate the drinking of alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes a hell of a lot less.

Should the use and possession of grass be legalized—or at the very least, decriminalized?

It most definitely should.

Why in 2012 are we still having this idiotic conversation? Let’s grow up: have marijuana, if you must.


Tom Degan is a traitor to this beautiful and bountiful nation of ours. Not only that he is a disgrace to the flag that all real Americans honor and revere. It is a sad thing to realize that he walks among us, with the same rights granted to decent people everywhere. Here is how utterly contemptible he is: he wrote what you are now reading. He is trying to make you believe that it is being written by a third party. How cruel! He is just being a smug, elitist liberal! Tom Degan has no shame. I take back what I said—“contemptible” is too kind a word for me—I mean”him.” Check out his blog.




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