When Not to Use Ujjayi Breathing.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Nov 5, 2012
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Yes, we all know that Ujjayi breathing is the bomb. (Does anyone even say “the bomb” anymore?)

But sometimes…not so much…


Thanks to elephriend Kirk Hensler at Hale Holistic for the laugh and perspective!


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6 Responses to “When Not to Use Ujjayi Breathing.”

  1. Catalina says:

    Jajaja, demasiado bueno. Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. mark says:

    Such a funny guy misconception(yes, I get the humor and it is funny) but I think guys need validation, especially when doing yoga.

    Reminded me of the question I asked my wife a week ago. I have been doing yoga for a number of months, attending classes 3-4 times a week. I asked her if she noticed any changes in my body and after a long pause, she quietly said, "no, not really." The lightning bolt that hit me body ego also tagged my brain and I realized I needed some validation and like the ujjayi breathing video, I had been outed as missing the point of doing yoga.

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