December 21, 2012

Can A World Never Created, End? ~ Joshua D. Barzell

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The End Is Coming or Consciousness Beginning?

The end of the world is coming and we’ve known about it for quite some time.

What should we do?  What should we do as a people?

Even if it turns out to be false—we all should know at least that the world, in truth, never truly existed. What does this mean?

It means that the world is not real.

The world is the universal consciousness: the consciousness that you and I share. This is the true viewpoint. So, maybe the world ending is a good thing.

Maybe it means that you and I will live in peace, without artificial constructions anymore. If anyone has been guilty of creating a world for you to feel different from, shame on them. And if you have ever spread this notion to others, then maybe it’s time to be forgiven.

The world is not separate from you.

It is your expansive personal consciousness that makes it what it is. It comes from you. It is you. So, why have we gotten all excited and scared that the world is ending? What world? Our consciousness? The fact is that consciousness never ends. It goes on forever. This is the understanding to have.

Does the world exist in sleep?

What about in meditation? Does the world exist when you are red hot with anger? Does the world exist when you are filled with lust? Does the world exist when you laugh at a friend’s remark? What world is there to end, after all?

We would all do better off realizing that there never was such a world and there never will be.

Those who have devoted their lives to spreading the notion that the world is somehow separate from you have done so to fill their own self-ish needs.

The truth is that everything is consciousness—it always has been for you. And it always will be. This is the understanding that will make you wise.

So, when the world ends, understand that it never was created.


Josh Barzell has been following an enlightened path for nearly 12 years, first under western methods of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and later under eastern methods of meditation and contemplation. He has written on the subject of enlightenment, with his essay “Enlightenment in the Modern World,” which can be found in book form on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, online. His website www.modernworldzen.com is currently undergoing a renovation. Modern World ZEN website has other short writings that are offered for free.  Josh currently lives in Boulder and graduated With Distinction from CU-Boulder with a B.A. in Biochemistry and has been writing on spirituality since 2009.


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