December 26, 2012

Compassion Is the Answer. ~ Stacy Jethroe

Last night I dreamed I was born of heart and compassion.

I dreamed that each word that flowed from my lips was of perfection. I dreamed that instead of passing judgment, I sought to embrace and that the anger I felt at perceived injustices and the small-mindedness of others was turned into action and passion, instead of further evidence of how I was “better than.” I dreamed that my ego was in its proper place, that my lofty ideas and ideals floated into reality to help effect change, instead of becoming arrogant assumptions about why I was one of the few who knew better which path to take.

Until all of us understand the state of our existence, until each of us has a hand in the healing of the group, enlightenment will never be attained. As much as I recognize the perfection of my spirit, I am still but a human animal filled with human emotion and failings. Because I love the group, because I recognize that each of us is on a collective yet individual path, I embrace the failings of others so that I might understand. I seek to learn and to teach and to help raise the consciousness of the group, not just myself. If I seek enlightenment, attain self-discipline, speak of love and equality, yet judge my brethren for what I perceive as slacking or ignorance or incapability, I may as well resign myself to the lowly ranks which I assign for them.

Frustration will occur on every level. Doubt will show itself regarding the truth of spirit. You may give into ego wrapped in the guise of spirit because you believe your own press. Don’t. Don’t let your anger cloud the love you inherently understand to be at the core of every human. Each of us will stumble and fall and rise and soar. But, we are the group; we are part of the whole. Your divine nature is no better, no cleaner, no more precious or pure than any other member of the group. You may eat clean, you may clear your mind, you make seek to know yourself and your purpose, but if you judge those you perceive to be less than you? You are giving into your base nature, not the divine. And, guess what? It’s all right because you, too, are part of the group.

None of us—no matter how wise or aware or loving—is complete without the individuals with whom we share this journey. Yes, we must fight. Yes, we are each warriors of light and divinity. Anger has its place. Just don’t allow it to cloud your vision or the truth you already know. My most broken brother, my most unaware sister, the darkest part of myself are all still parts of the whole.

So, check yourself, oh spirit seeker. Even the lowest of us is born of divinity. If love is the message, then it is also the answer. Answer the call. Or accept that we will all fail together. Be kind. And preach to those who need to hear the strength of your insight. The members of the choir to whom you preach already feel your words. It is those on the outside of the temple who most need your love and clarity of vision. Face your anger so you might be the Angel of Light you truly are.



Stacy Jethroe is a singer-on-hiatus and an aspiring writer, a lover of artisanal wares, and quinoa and kombucha. She is rediscovering her spirituality and still not sure of things, but she does know that Love is the Answer. She’s a Cali girl mixed with a healthy helping of the Midwest, doused in Bostonian saltiness and proud of her love for the expression “y’all”. Sriracha touches most everything upon which she dines, which is a lot, ’cause she’s a Taurus (and we like to eat). She believes that sharing the parts of ourselves we fear to share is what makes us human. Find Stacy on Facebook and Twitter.


Ed: Karla Rodas

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Read 2 comments and reply

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