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Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Dec 28, 2012
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We have an elephant readers and writers facebook group!

It’s a place where you can connect with the elephant community—internationally and locally—and support each others’ mindful* work (even if it’s not elephant related).

  • ⋆ Post photos, funny/moving images, quotes, video, recipes
  • ⋆ Share events, special causes, petitions (no spam / PR stuff)
  • ⋆ Dish out mindful living tips (eco, vegan, cooking, spirituality, yoga, activism)
  • ⋆ Share stories from your own life, articles/videos from elephant or other mindful indie sites
  • ⋆ Invite fellow mindful lifers/friends
  • ⋆ Start a discussion on a current event
  • ⋆ Get feedback on writing or other ideas
  • ⋆ Ask for advice on promoting your work

This page is not about spam or promotion—it’s about community, fun, sharing.

~ Waylon Lewis, elephant founder

If you’re not already a member, ask to join here.

* Mindful is anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet (yoga, organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, conscious consumerism, fair fashion, the contemplative arts…).

Giving and receiving support… a quick how-to.

This part is optional, but meant to be of benefit to all in the group.

Many of you have mindful blogs—or know people who do—and would like to expand your reach. Some of us are also (or exclusively) writers for elephant. Either way, this group is a great forum for you to share your work and/or your mission and connect with group members even beyond facebook.

Here are the three easy ways to participate:

Readers & writers connect.

Add your blogs, websites, facebook pages, and social network links here. The intention is to support fellow members by connecting across social networks—-so please check out the other members’ links, like their pages, follow them on twitter and StumbleUpon (or wherever).

Weekly shout-out.

Add one mindful blog post to the Weekly shout-out that you’d love others to share—facebooked, tweeted, stumbled, pinned, commented on, or otherwise supported. If you need something specific, please ask.

By adding a post, you agree to reciprocate by sharing the other mindful posts via at least one of your social networks during that specific week.

When you tweet, please use the #elejrw hashtag  so we can find each other!

When you share, let the person know!

Find the most recent Weekly shout-out document by clicking on the Files tab on the group page.

elephant stampede

Add your facebook page to the calendar here for participants (fellow stampeders) to like and share (stampede!) on the specific date you selected.

Since it will potentially take a while for this to catch on, I’ve pushed it out to January and we’ll start with every other week. If we fill out the year quickly, we can always change to a weekly stampede.

By adding your page to this list, you agree to participate by sharing others’ pages. (Certainly, if a page contains content that you feel doesn’t align with your values, you have the option to opt-out of that particular share without judgment).

Feel free to ask any questions on the page!

Hopefully, the way I’ve described this group isn’t confusing. If it is, I’m here to help. I’m also open to suggestions for how to make this group rawk for all of us.

Whether you want to participate in sharing or just want to connect with other people with similar mindful values, please join and invite others. Ultimately, we want the group to be of benefit to everyone and potentially make the world a better place.


P.S. Hope you’ll join our new Google+ community, too. Click here and ask to join.

Join the elephant readers & writers facebook group on facebook.

Like elephant journal on facebook.


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