December 25, 2012

Here’s to the Forgotten This Holiday Season.

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Here’s to the lonely ones, to those who have no family,
And to the families who have lost loved ones . . .
I am toasting a blessing to you.

Here’s to the homeless and the forgotten poor,
I know we have not done well enough by you . . .
But we’ll try harder next year,
This I promise you with full heart and breadth.

Here’s to the kids who feel the pain of youth,
Who are depressed and suicidal . . .
We adults have failed you so,
And we know there’s a lot of work to be done.

Here’s to the veterans who are broken and cry,
I mourn your lost spirit, your loss of innocence . . .
There are no words to express our gratitude
You are our heroes . . . our strong-soldiered souls.

Here’s to the addicted, the tired and the ragged,
Who feel they have nothing left . . .
Tomorrow is another day,
So just take this moment and know we love you.

Here’s to the too many who have murdered children,
A surreal and unfathomable nightmare . . .
We as mothers and fathers,
And sisters and brothers,
And grandparents . . .
We understand and our hearts are broken for you.

Here’s to the lost and forlorn,
Who feel their spouses or lovers or best friends . . .
No longer love them.
I have been there and I make a toast to you,
Brother and sister and friend.

Here’s to the hard working who cannot get ahead,
Who can’t pay for medicine, who can’t buy bread,
It’s a tough road and we know you ain’t’ lying . . .
Some of us get it,
We get it all too well.

To all of those on this special time of year,
Who sit lonely and without present to give or receive . . .

Just know that your presence—
Is invaluable, special and unique
And that you matter . . .

Not just because it is Christmas,

Not just because it is the New Year . . .

But because you are you.


Ed: Brianna B.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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