How Kissing Girls Improved my Hetero Sex Life. ~ Lori Ann Lothian

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on Dec 12, 2012
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Photo: Samarel
Photo: Samarel

The first time a woman kissed me, I was shocked at my response. My body said yes, to her lips on mine and her hand on my fully clothed breast.

It was a late night, in the living room of a girlfriend I had known for ten years. She had seen me through the sudden hit-by-a-car death of my mother years earlier, holding me sobbing in her warm arms. She’d been the home daycare provider for my two-year-old daughter. She became the kind of girlfriend who could drop by anytime unannounced and be welcome in my home.

At one sad point in my all-but-defunct marriage, she was my hang out friend on the Friday nights, where looking back, my ex-husband was not really over-nighting on his office sofa to get more work done at his Washington DC high-stress job. More realistically, he was getting some downtime with a woman other than his 39-year-old emo wife, dealing with her mother’s sudden death.

It was this kiss on my girlfriend’s sofa (followed by naked tussling in her bed) that lead me to this realization—engaged in a feminine meets feminine sex, I was surprisingly free from my hetero programming around the Cosmo Girl injunction to master at least 50 Ways to Please A Man.

On that sofa and later, bed, I finally realized when I take the cock out of the equation, sex was no longer about pleasing him (either with my multi-orgasmic ability or my pleasure-giving skill set).

Instead, in a deep dive into the unknown of another woman’s body, sex was about curiosity and sheer play.

Because with my girlfriend I was not looking for her love, approval and commitment—that was secured in the years-long friendship already. I was instead in a place of free-flowing pleasure and play, a place of such deep eros that I delighted in my own spontaneity and willingness to be clumsy; to laugh; to say, hey I have no fucking clue what I am doing here.

Sexually, women are as variable as fingerprints. A formula a la Cosmo (stroke his balls, twist your hand etc.) does not remotely work with women. In the place of a recipe is this alive luscious sense of the raw present moment.

I have just begun to rediscover this place of playful curiosity with my new husband with whom the adventure of life has translated into the adventure of sex, entirely redefined as I enter the unknown terrain of menopause.

Yes, I kissed a girl at age 45 (and several more since) and this sweet exploration has opened me up. In risking same-sex love as a mostly-hetero woman, I’ve re-discovered the virgin in me, the part for whom sexuality is an exhilarating landscape of possibilities. And it seems I can be romantically straight, preferring a husband over a wife, and yet sexually I can sometimes be gay.  

Now, at 50, I am taking these loin-lead lessons to heart.

I’m learning to look at my sex life with the man I married this summer, as an adventure, fraught with peril and pitfalls, but equally blessed with mystery and discovery.

I’m learning to love what I don’t know—about him, myself and where we are headed playfully in bed and beyond, together.


Bonus time. This Katy Perry tune was topping the charts just after my first girl kiss with a girl who really did use cherry Chapstick.


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Lori Ann Lothian is a spiritual revolutionary, divine magic maker and all-purpose scribe. Her articles on love, relationships, enlightenment and sex have appeared at Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Yoganonymous, Origin magazine, Better After 50, XO Jane and on her hit personal blog The Awakened Dreamer. She is also the creator of The 40 Day Magic Challenge. a daily practice to create a masterpiece life of ease, flow, joy and prosperity. Lori Ann lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and daughter, where she has learned to transcend the rain and surrender to mega doses of vitamin D. Tweet her at Twitter


6 Responses to “How Kissing Girls Improved my Hetero Sex Life. ~ Lori Ann Lothian”

  1. It's one of my 'bucket list' fantasies!

  2. I had a girl friend who told me that the first time she kissed a woman she realized, "This is different. I like it." The experience really opened her up to other things with her then-boyfriend. You are nothing if not provocative, Lori!

  3. Lyla says:

    Thanks so much for the link to my article, and for this outside the box piece that encouraged me that it's not too late to try kissing a girl myself. 🙂

  4. @valkyreens says:

    I was reminded of this article recently, whilst engaging with my (new) girlfriend. In the past, I found that being with a woman is much more about the relationship and being in the moment, than I had been programmed to be in my first hetero-relationships. As a bi-woman, I have learned that I concentrating on the relationship itself and on being present with my partner (both male and female alike) makes these relationships much more fulfilling.

    Thank you for putting this out there.