“If we are going to prevent the next tragedy, this needs to change.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 17, 2012
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“We must address the true problems if we are to prevent the next tragedy.”

Less blame-making, more blame-taking for all of us. This isn’t the fault of separation of church and state. Prayer is still allowed, individually, and in clubs, in schools. It’s just not to be mandated for all.

A top Reddit comment:

God: “I’m not allowed in schools.”

Me: “Aren’t you supposed to be all-powerful? And yet you let a bunch of hippie liberals stop you?”

Remember: God is “allowed” in churches, but plenty of children have been harmed therein (many more have found a good, safe, uplifted home at church than have been abused, but…)


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One Response to ““If we are going to prevent the next tragedy, this needs to change.””

  1. Jade Doherty says:

    Being English, where religion and education are separate (unless you go to a specifically religious school) I don't get this God being out of schools business and what it has to do with mentally ill/unstable/unhappy people shooting people.

    One, it's not true. Take England as an example. We (generally) don't have religion in schools. We also don't have people going into schools to shoot people. The main difference being guns are illegal. It amazes me that people in a modern country in the 21st century could believe that this happened because children didn't pray enough, and not because any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy a gun.

    I might be imaging this, but a lot of them sound strangely glad, or vilified in their belief that religion should be taught in schools. Those signs and t-shirts sound a bit smug to me and smack of "I told you so". Despite the absurdity of the claim and the mountain of evidence that suggests otherwise.

    And secondly, what kind of God could create the Earth and everything in it, impregnate a virgin, perform miracles and what not, but can be locked out of a school?! Has he gotten rusty or something? Or is getting into buildings without an invitation his achilles heel?

    And finally, the stories about teachers protecting the children, and telling them that they loved them so that the children could hear 'I love you' one last time, shows more Godliness, love and compassion and restores my faith in humanity more than a million bibles on an alter covered in 'holy' water ever could.