December 12, 2012

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? ~ Jennifer Townsend

Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. ~ Dr. Phil  


I wonder what Dr Phil told his kids about <cough>”Kris Kringle” when they were little?  


Is honesty always the best policy? Depends…

There’s the whole ‘Kris Kringle’ subject, for one. That’s not to say that what they don’t know won’t hurt them; at some point every christian kid inevitably learns the truth, from a friend or older cousin/sibling. It’s a sort of milestone, albeit a sad one. It was sad for me at ten years old.

But still, reflecting back, I loved the idea of a magical “you-know-who.” I wouldn’t want to trade those feelings of anticipation for knowing the truth, at least not the years that I was blissfully unaware. 

I can, however, think of at least one justifiable case for acceptable dishonesty:

How about mothers of young children, who hide out in bathrooms or closets for a mere moment’s peace, who perhaps want to eat a freakin’ cookie  just once in a while without sharing?

I think a lot of women can relate to that.

Mommy’s sanity trumps the whole honesty policy there. Put that in your hot cocoa & drink it Dr. Phil.



Jennifer Townsend is Co-Chief of Clan Townsend, noted for its wee heathens and furry beasties. She is fond of saying “verra.” She is verra determined to visit Scotland (particularly Eilean Donan Castle). Finn Brothers’ music is good for her soul and she can be found most days editing articles for elephantjournal.com or blogging about her obsession with Jamie Fraser on her website www.OutlanderFan.com or its corresponding facebook page here



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