December 24, 2012

Sunrise Yogini. ~ Dr. Paula Grace Watkins

photo credit: Paula Grace Watkins

Recently, I’ve noticed what an awesome yogini I am.

Patanjali described yoga as:

Yogaś citta-vritti-nirodhah, often translated as

“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind’s stuff”

I’ve realized this happens to me all the time. Every day. Every sunrise and often at other moments when the chatter, the stories and the frivolous occupations of my mind drop away and I am—for a moment–effortlessly present. (Re)awakened to the intrinsic peace and beauty of life–just as it is.

One of my meditation and philosophy teachers encourages his students to think of “yoga” as this state: the state or experience of awakening, recognition, flow.

Could it be that we are describing the state of yoga when we exclaim to our friends that something “took my breath away.”

How beautiful. How easy. How natural.

What takes your breath away? When does your mind most effortlessly entrain itself into a state of awakened flow? I’ve recently been asking myself these questions and committing to more effortless yoga each and every day. It’s made me realize just what an awesome yogini I am.

Thank you, Patanjali.


Paula Grace Watkins lives between Sydney and Byron Bay, Australia. She’s an academic (PhD in refugee mental health), yoga teacher, activist, blogger and raw food fanatic. Visit her at www.thehumangarden.com.au




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Read 2 comments and reply

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