December 26, 2012

Sustainable Seafood: Why It’s Good for Your Health. {Infographic}

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Sustainably sourced seafood is generally healthier than conventional.

This infographic from One World, One Ocean breaks it down.

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Image: One World One Ocean

Here’s a list of seafood to avoid completely (according to Seafood Watch):

Barramundi (Imported, Farmed in Open Systems)

Caviar, Paddlefish (U.S. Wild-caught)

Caviar, Sturgeon (Imported, Wild-caught)

Chilean Seabass (Southern Ocean, Wild-caught)

Cobia (Imported, Farmed)

Cod, Atlantic (Trawl-caught from Canadian and U.S. Atlantic)

Cod, Pacific (Imported, Wild-caught)

Conch, Queen (Worldwide, Wild-caught)

Corvina, Gulf (Gulf of California, Wild-caught)

Crab, King (Russia, Trap)

Crawfish/Crayfish (Imported, Farmed)

Dab, Common (Danish Seine from Iceland)

Dogfish, Spiny (Wild-caught from Canadian Atlantic and U.S.)

Eel, Freshwater (Worldwide, Farmed)

Flounder (Wild-caught from U.S. Atlantic, Except Summer Flounder)

Grenadier (U.S. Pacific, Wild-caught)

Grouper (U.S. Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Grouper, Gag, Snowy, Warsaw, Yellowedge (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild-caught)

Hake, White (U.S. Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Halibut, Atlantic (U.S. Wild-caught)

Halibut, California (U.S. Pacific, Set Gillnet)

Lobster, Caribbean Spiny (Brazil, Wild-caught)

Mahi Mahi (Imported, Longline)

Marlin, Blue (Imported, Longline)

Marlin, Striped (Worldwide, Wild-caught)

Monkfish (U.S. Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Monkfish Liver (U.S. Atlantic, Wild-caught)

New Zealand Tai Snapper (New Zealand, Danish Seine, Trawl)

Octopus (Philippines, Wild-caught)

Octopus, Common/Sushi (Worldwide, Wild-caught)

Opah (Imported, Longline)

Orange Roughy (Worldwide, Wild-caught)

Plaice, American (Wild-caught from U.S. Atlantic)

Pollock, Atlantic (Danish Seine and Trawl from Iceland)

Rockfish (Pacific, Trawl)

Salmon, Atlantic (Worldwide Except U.S. Farmed in Tank Systems, Farmed including Atlantic)

Sardines, Atlantic (Mediterranean, Wild-caught)

Sea Turtles (Gulf of California, Wild-caught)

Sea Urchin Roe (Maine, Wild-caught)

Shad, American (U.S. Atlantic, Gillnet)

Shark (Wild-caught Worldwide, Except Common Thresher and Shortfin Mako, from California and Hawaii)

Shrimp (Imported, Farmed Except Thailand Farmed in Fully Recirculating Systems)

Shrimp (Imported, Wild-Caught Except Canadian)

Shrimp (Mexico, Farmed in Open Systems)

Skates (U.S. Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Skipjack Tuna (Worldwide, Purse Seine)

Snapper, Red (U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Wild-caught)

Snapper, Red (Imported, Wild-caught)

Snapper, Vermilion (U.S. Wild-caught)

Sole (Wild-caught from U.S Atlantic)

Spearfish, Shortbill (Imported, Wild-caught)

Sturgeon (Imported, Wild-caught)

Swordfish (Imported, Longline)

Tilapia (Farmed from China and Taiwan)

Tilefish, Blueline (U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Tilefish, Golden (U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Totoaba (Gulf of California, Wild-caught)

Trout, Lake (Lake Michigan, Wild-caught)

Tuna (Canned) (Worldwide, Wild-caught Except Troll/Pole)

Tuna, Albacore (All Longline Except Hawaii)

Tuna, Albacore (North Atlantic, Wild-caught)

Tuna, Bigeye (Worldwide Except U.S. Atlantic, Longline)

Tuna, Blackfin (Atlantic, Longline and Purse Seine)

Tuna, Bluefin (Worldwide, Wild-caught)

Tuna, Bluefin (Worldwide, Ranched)

Tuna, Skipjack (Imported, Longline)

Tuna, Tongol (Worldwide, Gillnet and Purse Seine Except Malaysia)

Tuna, Yellowfin (Worldwide Except Hawaii and U.S. Atlantic, Longline)

Tuna, Yellowfin (Worldwide, Purse Seine)

Weakfish (Wild-caught from U.S. Atlantic)

Yellowtail (Australia, Farmed)

Yellowtail (Japan, Farmed)

For alternatives to the above, click here.

And to make life easier—download the pocket guide and/or phone app from Seafood Watch.



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