December 6, 2012

The Number One Piece of Advice For Single Girls. ~ Daniella Rosales-Friedman

10 breaths? Um—doesn’t it have a three-breath expiration date?

“Okay, bend your knees, and raise your arms along side your ears. Uttkatasana, chair pose.”

Fine, I thought. We’d just completed three Sun A Salutations and now we were beginning the Sun B portion of class. Chair pose, coming right up.

“Now hold here for 10 deep breaths,” chirped the teacher.

10 breaths? Um—doesn’t it have a three-breath expiration date?

 I sat in chair.

At three breaths, I panicked. At six breaths, my legs were shaking. At nine breaths, I resumed breathing and I actually felt spacious, full and comfortable in my lower back. At 10 breaths, it was over. Phew!

The truth was, chair pose did suck. But after the panic subsided it was actually pleasant for a moment or two.

 What would happen if we thought about being a single girl like we think of  sitting in chair pose?

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. And after every break-up the panicky voice inside your head screams, “I’m going to be here forever!”

And then after a week, or a month, or 10 years, being a single girl starts to feel spacious and full. Sometimes, it’s even really, really fun.

 I mean, who gets to go out with your friends all night? You do!

Who gets to focus on what you want to create most in this world, and put your energy into doing it without distraction? You do!

Who gets to dream up the perfect partner that you haven’t even met yet? You do!

You get to actually have fun, single girl.

 And you know what else? It ends. Being a single girl ends.

If you want to find love, you will. And when you do, when being a single girl feels like 108 vinyasas ago, you might even miss it.

Want to know the number one piece of advice I give to single girls?

It’s just like chair—it might feel panicky for a moment or two, but you’re not going to be a single girl forever. But since you’re here now, you might as well make it feel full, and have some fun!


Daniella Rosales-Friedman is the Creator of Happy Single GirlTM, Yoga For The Single GirlTM workshops and a Yoga Teacher in New York City. She’s annoyingly passionate about teaching single girls to transform into Happy Single Girls, and find the love they deserve out in the world, and in their own sweet hearts. Find her teaching at www.daniellavivayoga.com. Find her writing at The Inside Voice (www.theinsidevoice.net).


Ed. Evan Livesay


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