Watch: “Very odd burlesque commercial.” {Trigger Warning}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 2, 2012
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Seriously: Don’t Watch this—it Ruined my Day (Sex, Violence & Fish)

This will be your face as you watch this:

Again, trigger warning. I literally covered my face (mostly) with my hands. Still, I learned a lot. If you don’t want to watch the video, don’t. Skip it and read the below information, you’ll get the gist. ~ ed.

Commercial – Playmate Ancilla Tillia stripping for Wakker Dier from Shariff Nasr.”


Still, it’s important enough to pass along—it opened my eyes to what we’re doing to fish.

And here’s an amazing article about lobster, via Gourmet.

It’s one thing to hunt and eat them, another to needlessly torture them—something no respectful hunter would do, given the choice.

“Ah, animal rights activism + violence against women. Reminds me of PETA.”

More Reddit comments:

Fish are stripped live as a matter of convenience, not necessity. Keeping them alive before stripping keeps them fresh, but there’s really no reason to keep them alive after that. It’s unnecessary, and I have never heard an argument for it other than it’s easier then killing the fish first.

Every commercial fisherman I have met is against it and keeps a block of wood handy to hit the fish over the head before gutting.

But if you’re going to kill them and eat them anyway, it doesn’t matter how they go.

I disagree. We used to do the same with cows – string them up and cut out their guts without killing them first. Now, we use a captive bolt gun first because it’s more humane.

Would you honestly say that we might as well go back to that method? That captive bolt guns are a waste of time and money?

Fish and cows aren’t the same, but in both cases killing the quickly before beginning to process the food is objectively more humane.

Since there is no specialized equipment or experience and almost no extra effort why not be more humane where possible?

Get a fucking grip.

I’m sorry I’m making you so angry, but I simply don’t understand why my perspective on this is unreasonable in any way.

So? Every fisherman I have met (commercial – I’m not talking about hobbyists) keeps a block of wood to hit the fish with before gutting it.

I don’t think any amount of unnecessary pain is worth such a small convenience. And a dead fish is easier to gut than a living one anyway.

Another great Reddit comment in reply to a comment saying “animals eat animals, so what?!”

A lot of predators will even play with and torture their prey for fun, no food motive involved, just exercising the skills that make them top predators. Except when dolphins tape seals, then they are just being dicks.

But the point isn’t to explore morality from natures perspective alone, but from a human expression. Nature would say the other animal’s experience is inconsequential, but humans and many other social animals are naturally sympathetic. From an emotional perspective we must ask ourselves what is a moral way of eating other animals, if there is one.

I look at it more from a logical perspective however. Sure torturing animals is a sign of antisocial behavior and a potential person who would work against the interests of society but the most important question is what is more efficient and provides more utility for humans.

Meat makes a lot if people happy, but is incredibly inefficient. For the same caloric production required to produce one meat themed meal, you could make dozens of vegetarian ones.


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  1. Robert Allen says:

    disgusting, maybe to disgusting to post. I hope no children see the ad.