December 17, 2012

WTF Can We Eat?

Whoo boy.

I went to the premier of “Seeds of Death” last week, which I reviewed for the Truth Barrier.

The “Please God spare me the incessant background music employed to tell me how I should be feeling,” I left for another day. Because this content is really the thing.

Suffice it to say the good people of Monsanto are poisoning virtually every large-scale crop grown on American soil, and hard at work on the rest of the world. It’s an eye roll on wheels, and I know I’m not telling you anything—you know already.

We’re running out of food we can healthily consume. And stuff we think of as healthy is, it turns out, gross.

So what can we eat?

For reasons that seem obvious to me, I’ve been vegan for years, (with lapses.) And I want my soy back. Almost every fake easy healthy veggie “solution” out there is soy based. There’s tofu in the entire planet by now. Look under your bed. Tofu. It turns out that all of it—well, 98 percent—is genetically modified.

Why is this bad? The modifications are microscopic, and transferable. Some genetic code shakes hands with your RNA and then replicates inside you. The film spells it out well.

Now why? To what great benefit are these crops altered, in such an alarming and clearly dangerous way? To increase supplier profits.

Remember Joni’s “Big Yellow Taxi?” When she asked the farmer to put away the DDT, she doubtless would not have wished her plea to help pave the way for the weed killer “Roundup.” The poor dear might have paled. Roundup is to DDT what chemical volcano is to charcoal.  If that makes any sense.

Roundup is not, as touted, “safe as table salt.” What can I tell you about the stuff?

Monsanto claims that Roundup is, among other things, biodegradable. But, uh, U.S. and French courts have found them guilty of false advertising on that score. They’ve settled, big money, for lying about the safety of Roundup. No really effective studies of the stuff have taken place, although one UN-affiliated study does link Roundup to cancers and infertility.

Cancer and infertility are not a small deal, if you think about it. They’re too big a price to pay for eating corn.

Like it so far? Run this one through your cerebrum: because weeds are taking a page from Monsanto’s GMO corns and becoming Roundup resistant themselves, farmers are now using five to six times the amount of chemical they were originally intended to use. What was once a light misting has turned into a thorough dousing. Chemical rainfall is the predictable weather.

They’re soaking your food in this stuff: it arrives at the grocery shelf fresh from these carcinogen showers. For more than you want to know about this poison, click here and here. It’s gross. Greenmedia offers a glimpse of Roundup inside living beings here.

It’s also all over the place on our soil. The long-reaching results of that are sadder than your aunt Millie’s short run at painting landscapes in oil. Don’t make me look.

God forbid we scale down the farming, stop subsidizing corporate giant farms and start paying small organic farms, label all GMO foods, and educate ourselves. That would be too… what, too lifesaving? Oh, no, I remember, too removed from special interests.

So soy is off the table. And, oh yeah, wheat is just crap now, too. Made the mistake of buying Wheat Belly recently. It’s not a diet book to me. I’m skinny, but still freaked. The modified wheat (wait for it… 98 percent) is sad. It grows a foot high now, not four feet. Because it’s Frankenstein huge and the traditional long stalk cannot support it anymore.

These sawed off little truncated tiny little midget rascal wheat fields are a sham, people. Our amber waves of grain have gone the way of our heroes proved. This matters. My bagel, my oatmeal!  Is there any mercy?

I am learning, to my great dissatisfaction, what I can’t eat.

Let me give you Lynn‘s list of U.S. GMO crops from her article.

  • >>Corn
  • >>Soybeans
  • >>Canola
  • >>Cotton
  • >>Sugar Beets
  • >>Alfalfa
  • >>Hawaiian Papaya
  • >>Zucchini
  • >>Yellow Crookneck Squash

Alfalfa is a biggie on the list, by the way. Monsanto is now producing Roundup ready alfalfa. This bodes really, really bad. Why? Because past crops of GMO food created to resist roundup have germinated and contaminated neighboring crops. Alfalfa, my friends, is perennial. Lots of it grows wild. So long, healthy, life-giving sprouts. Remember how cool it used to feel to chomp into some sprouts?

But what can we eat? What is good? Are we down to kale, beans and rice, minus the rice? Oy.

Please let me know. I know they are out there somewhere: who is compiling lists of food safe to consume? I’ve had enough of learning what to avoid.

WTF can we eat?

Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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