December 4, 2012

Year of the Water Snake: Feng Shui Predictions for 2013.

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The year of the water snake begins February 4, 2013. It happens once every 60 years!

The last time was in 1953.

Here’s a list of what may come in the upcoming year:


  • The focus this year will be in the Southeastern part of the country with extremes in weather patterns, this could be a time with a lot of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding.
  • Also, Southeast Asia could experience a lot of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding.
  • There could be a rise in fire related disasters, such as nuclear explosions.

The Economy

  • The economy will continue to improve.
  • The stock market will move into the bull territory, in an upward momentum, with many investors seeing returns in their portfolios that plummeted during 2008.
  • Interest rates will make their way up.
  • The housing market will see a nice recovery, with new building developments impending.
  • More creative business ventures will also come to the forefront, with people finding new and ingenious ways to make money.
  • This year progressive and entrepreneurial energy will be predominant, with females creating empires, specifically coming from the Southeastern part of the country.

Successful Industries

  • Industries that will thrive: publishing, education, philosophy, social services, medicine, pharmaceuticals, print media, textiles, fashion,  technicians, musicians, broadcast announcers, housing market (with an emphasis on a lot of building and construction), travel industry, moving industry, banking, shipping, sales, finance, communications, engineering, computers, jewelry, hardware, machinery, metal mining, internet, legal field, government services and sales of metals like gold and silver.

Southeast Asia

  • Economic growth will continue in Southeast Asia, especially China.
  • As a result of the rapid growth, there could be discord because of the negative effects on the environment.
  • There could be revolting by the citizens because of the oppressive power the government has over the people.

Health Issues

  • There may be an unusually high number of health issues related to the kidney, bladder, urinary tract and fluids of the body.
  • Also, there may be unusually high incidences of heart related issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • If you’re prone to any of these health issues, take greater care of yourself in the year of the snake.

People that may be Adversely Affected

  • This year may be difficult year for any person born in the year of the pig because it’s in direct clash with the snake—be more careful this year when moving forward with new ventures and with health. As always, go slowly and make sure that you have researched, collected all of the data and then make an informed decision based on facts.
  • Also, people born in the year of the snake may experience blessings and challenges. This year may be a year that provides lessons that benefit you in the future as well as bringing beautiful things in your life.

Positive Aspects

  • Community and camaraderie will be more prevalent than ever before.
  • People coming together for the greater good will also be a predominant theme this year.
  • Political and social movements, will be prevalent from people all over the world, and will help to change the current paradigm.
  • People may find themselves traveling more this year.
  • Moving will be a topic for a lot of people this year, whether it’s to upgrade into a nicer home or to simplify life and downsize.


  • Famous and important people (figureheads, political figures, etc.) can be made infamous during this year.

Political Climate

  • The president that comes into power in 2013 as well as in other countries—like China’s new president, Mr. Xi Jinping—will have unyielding, unprecedented control over the people.
  • The political structure can be plagued with more mystery, hence people wanting the truth revealed, causing melees or shifts in our political structure.
  • The political regime in the new year—in our country as well as others—can be more centralized, with extreme use of power.
  • Abrupt ends to international conflicts as well as revolutions spurring up are common during this year.

This year can be fruitful depending on what energy is being activated in your home or business.

Knowledge is power.

I believe the New Year is a way for us all to have a fresh start and leave behind that which no longer serves us and bring in the fruits of our labor.  New energy is needed to usher the old out and manifest those things that will take us to that next level of our being. Feng Shui is about enhancing the human experience which encompasses wealth, health and relationships.  It’s a great way to use the new energy in your home as a catalyst to achieve your heart’s desire.

The year of the water snake will be what you make of it so make it a great year. The power is in your hands.

Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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