Year of the Water Snake: Feng Shui Predictions for 2013.

Via Jennifer Bonetto
on Dec 4, 2012
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The year of the water snake begins February 4, 2013. It happens once every 60 years!

The last time was in 1953.

Here’s a list of what may come in the upcoming year:


  • The focus this year will be in the Southeastern part of the country with extremes in weather patterns, this could be a time with a lot of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding.
  • Also, Southeast Asia could experience a lot of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding.
  • There could be a rise in fire related disasters, such as nuclear explosions.

The Economy

  • The economy will continue to improve.
  • The stock market will move into the bull territory, in an upward momentum, with many investors seeing returns in their portfolios that plummeted during 2008.
  • Interest rates will make their way up.
  • The housing market will see a nice recovery, with new building developments impending.
  • More creative business ventures will also come to the forefront, with people finding new and ingenious ways to make money.
  • This year progressive and entrepreneurial energy will be predominant, with females creating empires, specifically coming from the Southeastern part of the country.

Successful Industries

  • Industries that will thrive: publishing, education, philosophy, social services, medicine, pharmaceuticals, print media, textiles, fashion,  technicians, musicians, broadcast announcers, housing market (with an emphasis on a lot of building and construction), travel industry, moving industry, banking, shipping, sales, finance, communications, engineering, computers, jewelry, hardware, machinery, metal mining, internet, legal field, government services and sales of metals like gold and silver.

Southeast Asia

  • Economic growth will continue in Southeast Asia, especially China.
  • As a result of the rapid growth, there could be discord because of the negative effects on the environment.
  • There could be revolting by the citizens because of the oppressive power the government has over the people.

Health Issues

  • There may be an unusually high number of health issues related to the kidney, bladder, urinary tract and fluids of the body.
  • Also, there may be unusually high incidences of heart related issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • If you’re prone to any of these health issues, take greater care of yourself in the year of the snake.

People that may be Adversely Affected

  • This year may be difficult year for any person born in the year of the pig because it’s in direct clash with the snake—be more careful this year when moving forward with new ventures and with health. As always, go slowly and make sure that you have researched, collected all of the data and then make an informed decision based on facts.
  • Also, people born in the year of the snake may experience blessings and challenges. This year may be a year that provides lessons that benefit you in the future as well as bringing beautiful things in your life.

Positive Aspects

  • Community and camaraderie will be more prevalent than ever before.
  • People coming together for the greater good will also be a predominant theme this year.
  • Political and social movements, will be prevalent from people all over the world, and will help to change the current paradigm.
  • People may find themselves traveling more this year.
  • Moving will be a topic for a lot of people this year, whether it’s to upgrade into a nicer home or to simplify life and downsize.


  • Famous and important people (figureheads, political figures, etc.) can be made infamous during this year.

Political Climate

  • The president that comes into power in 2013 as well as in other countries—like China’s new president, Mr. Xi Jinping—will have unyielding, unprecedented control over the people.
  • The political structure can be plagued with more mystery, hence people wanting the truth revealed, causing melees or shifts in our political structure.
  • The political regime in the new year—in our country as well as others—can be more centralized, with extreme use of power.
  • Abrupt ends to international conflicts as well as revolutions spurring up are common during this year.

This year can be fruitful depending on what energy is being activated in your home or business.

Knowledge is power.

I believe the New Year is a way for us all to have a fresh start and leave behind that which no longer serves us and bring in the fruits of our labor.  New energy is needed to usher the old out and manifest those things that will take us to that next level of our being. Feng Shui is about enhancing the human experience which encompasses wealth, health and relationships.  It’s a great way to use the new energy in your home as a catalyst to achieve your heart’s desire.

The year of the water snake will be what you make of it so make it a great year. The power is in your hands.

Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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42 Responses to “Year of the Water Snake: Feng Shui Predictions for 2013.”

  1. Lolalablab says:

    I am having a problem taking any of this seriously since you have got the date of the New Year wrong. 4th February 2013 really? If you are talking about the Chinese New Year… if you are taking people’s money acting as an “expert” on the Chinese Zodiac then please try checking the most basic of facts. Obviously as you claim membership of some impressively sounding organisations, it is possible that you know something the rest of us would love to learn.

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  3. helenhelen says:

    "famous .. can be made infamous".. Seriously I know we can read you for free but I would expect Elephant Journal to screen a little bit more the articles they make public.. thanks to respect our time

  4. Pensky says:

    a banal, homogenized "prediction". i think a gypsy fortune teller would be less generalized. in other words "Anything could happen!" just like any other year. sheesh.

  5. Jaime Sr. says:

    Why that this year declared as "Year of the Water Snake?" how does it arrives and its basis?

  6. Guest says:

    Thanks for your insightful and well written report.

  7. grove lopes says:

    wat will happen to the year of snake like me???

  8. The year of the Water Snake starts on February 10, 2013 – this is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. February 4 as the author states is the solar calendar, which doesn't vary as much as the lunar, however those who celebrate Chinese New Year around the world will celebrate on Feb 10 this year. It is called the year of the Water Snake because the elements of the year are Yin Water, whereas Snake itself is a Yin Fire element. Thus the year will have Water and Fire as the dominating elements. Chinese Astrology, called the Four Pillars, is based on the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) and the 12 animal zodiac signs, each of which has its own element. For example, Dragon is an Yang Earth element sign. An accurate Chinese Astrology reading can be the most revealing reading of your life, done correctly. The aim of a reading is to get your elements into balance. Just like Western Astrology, we were all born with different elements according to the hour, day, month and year. When your elements are in balance, opportunities come. This is the principle of Yin and Yang.

  9. It is called the year of the Water Snake because the elements of the year are Yin Water, whereas Snake itself is a Yin Fire element. Thus the year will have Water and Fire as the dominating elements. Water signifies fear and sadness whereas Fire symbolizes joy and optimism. The year of the Dragon is a Water Earth elements year with no Fire – thus people tend to be more optimistic this coming year, which is why all the Feng Shui experts are saying that the stock market will be more bullish. See my comment below for more.

  10. Chris says:

    This was so general it could be used for any year; and no matter what happens, you can claim accuracy. Pretty embarrassing fare from a "master".

  11. v seeb says:

    I am a rooster, what gna happen to broke,no job,love life is shit..tell me

  12. cheenagirl says:

    the first day of the Lunar New Year is 10th feb but the year of the snake begins on the 4th of feb…

  13. 玄空飞星 says:

    omg, i found real fengshui!!!

  14. burn_acid says:

    Rooster is going to have a great year especially August and September are supposed to be wonderful and very successful. The year of the snake is very good for marriage and finding your true love but this won't happen if you do not plan carefully in advance and if you do not work hard and persistently on your tasks and goals. for a very accurate predictions however one needs to provide more details on their birthday birthplace so a proper prediction could be made!

  15. Sheryl Santella says:

    what's in it for me for this year 2013?..i'am in the year of the snake, Oct. 20, 1978..please i want to know your predictions about me..thank you very much and God bless always..

  16. Rich says:

    I was born in the year of wood snake june 23, 1965 and my husband was born in the year of water tiger sept 17, 1962. May I know our feng shui for this year 2013?

  17. G says:

    Hi, Happy New Year 2013! I’m a 1965 Wood Snake, and my two best friends are of the very same year as well, all females, Since I read somewhere that Wood and Water are somehow in conflict, I’d be very interested on knowing more how this Snake Year in the element of Water would affect us and how to make the best of it, specially in the economical area. I live with my mother who is a 1933 Rooster. Thank you very much for your interesting article and your kind answer to my issue.

  18. Paulson says:

    I am a Rat. My son is Rabbit. My house faces East directly. My compond entrance iron-gate is current painted with yellow colour. Is it a good clour for year of Snake? What is the best colour for this entrance gate?

    Warmest regards.

  19. joylyn pisonet says:

    im born year of the horse 1990 and im gemini also.,. its goodyear 4 me?, my husband is year of the rabbit 1987 he is taurus, is he lucky dis year? and he had computer shop and im telemarketing do u thnk its lucky year in our career? kndly me.. =)tnx also tnx a lot 4 ur article i love to read ur article goodblz

  20. S-J says:

    I am a rooster born in Dec 1969. I have been struggling to get into my profession for a while.I also have an exam coming up in March how will I do.

  21. Lucy says:

    China is NOT in Southeast Asia. Please get your geography straight.

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  23. 506 yamamoto says:

    Hi Jaime Sr.
    japanese will have a new Michen 4 stars memu this year.2013 in Japan…. so you can eat and will see snake sushi, snake soup with black fungus and snake pie with american USDA beef… Try it, you will enjoy, at a small restaurant in Nihonbashi, name: Ebi on tama.

  24. International map says:

    yell ….go back to school…I hope Lucy , in her innocent ..DO NOT think USA is in Tanzania?

  25. lhisa says:

    m born year of therabbit 1975 and im taurus also.,. its goodyear 4 me?, my partner is year of the tiger 1974 he is aries, are we compatible?

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  27. Steve says:

    Hi I was born in 1953 and what you have to say sounds very positive for this new year. I have been in business for myself for many years and there have been good years and not so good. So I hope things get better for myself and every one else. It was nice reading such a positive report. Thanks. Steve.

  28. Queen Yanni says:

    Chinese New Year is Feb 10th 2013 this year, and It is the same day we count as the year of the snake begins…It has to be the same day. There is no excuse for mistakes….Thanks 🙂

  29. Queen Yanni says:…. It is a little complicated to explain with a few word Please Read 🙂

  30. Queen Yanni says:

    I hope this help. Happy New Year 🙂

  31. Queen Yanni says:

    The Hierophant & Strength
    This is a fast and furious alliance with Hierophants (6/23/65) zany ideas providing a bellows for the fiery drive and ambition of Strength(9/17/62). These two can move mountains together and achieve big goals, but the challenge lies in the potential to burn out. Pacing is everything with these two fast talkers and big dreamers. Strength has a bit more common sense and practicality than free-wheeling Hierophant that helps make things happen. Romantically the sensuality of Hierophant appeals to the pleasure loving Strength soul — together you two know how to enjoy fine wine, food, massage and all of life's delights. Strength keeps Hierophant on a less debaucherous track with a bent toward moderation and health. Both are gifted with laser-like intuition which they can harness together to predict everything from stock trends to fashion directions. A lasting love often results from this union even if the form changes. Both are open to non-conventional arrangements such as open relationship and in many ways this open-mindedness makes for an enduring love.

  32. Queen Yanni says:

    colors associated with snake for luck are: red, yellow and black. Green is lucky color for rabbit. The color for rat is black

  33. Feng What Again says:

    Please people forgive her, she does not know what she was saying….

  34. Feng What Again says:

    People please forgive her for what she does not know what she was saying….

  35. […] born January 1st—February 4th, use the previous year as your year of birth, because the Chinese solar calendar doesn’t begin until February 4th. If you’re born February 5th—December 31st, then use […]

  36. It's the Chinese solar calendar that we use in Classical Feng Shui and that begins February 4th of every year, give or take a day.

  37. Kim says:

    Hi, Thanks for the good article. Some will believe other will not. However for something to survive 5000 years is something that needs to be treated with respect. On your article of the myths of feng shui, especially the part about numbers, please take a course from Dr. Oliver Tan of Numbers Academy and you may learn something.
    Observe and Learn is the Key to understand Life

  38. @laladomingo says:

    i was born july 1, 1987 (year of the rabbit) I owned a small business what can you share to me..thank you

  39. rc_bdo says:

    Actually fengshui use solar calendar to calculate the GUA so the Chinese new year according to Fengshui is 4th of February. But if you follow the Lunar calendar then yes The Chinese new year started at 10 February which is a the begining of Spring fetival. So we have two standards here. For Fengshui predictions the we use the 4th February and for the Spring Festival we use the 10th. If u use the 10 to calculate the GUA then you might get your chi flow messed up pretty bad.

  40. Lexi says:

    Thanks for sharing some highlights of the Year of the Snake,

  41. Great goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too great. I really like what you have acquired right here, really like what you’re stating and the way wherein you assert it. You are making it enjoyable and you continue to care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read much more from you. That is really a terrific website.

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