How You Can Connect to Yourself by Connecting to Nature. ~ Jai Garuda

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on Dec 2, 2012
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Yoga Nidra has been capturing people’s attention.

It is used in a variety of complementary medicines where it is called body scanning or other names. It has a deep effect on the practitioner–calming the nervous system and creating an observer within the mind that soothes the energy systems and balances emotional responses to daily life. It is the simple practice of keeping your awareness on your body parts as you move your mind around your whole body.

Elemental Yoga is the art of rediscovering nature’s teachings through its qualities. You connect to the wisdom of the seasonal cycle, the moon cycle, the weather, the environment, the beings that you share this Earth with, and you find that it is rich in practical metaphors that guide you on your inner search.

A wonderful way to feel where you connect and disconnect to the full cycle of nature’s wisdom is to make a kind of Yoga Nidra, or quality scan.

As you read this, sit comfortably and try to create images of the following forms of nature, and feel how each one affects your energy:

planet earth; the shape of the lands; a mountain ridge; a valley of hills; an open desert; large boulders; red dirt; crumbling earth; fertile soil; your feet in the mud; a puddle; rain on a pond; a blue lake; a simple stream; a running river; a deep blue sea; a sparkling ocean; a spark of fire; a soft camp fire; a raging bush fire; an explosion; desire in your heart; fire in your belly; breath in your belly; the sound of a whisper; a breeze on your skin; wind in the trees; a birdless sky; stormy clouds; the clap of thunder; the flash of lightening; an opening sky; the setting sun; the first star at night; the Shiva moon; the nine planets aligned; the Milky Way; the edge of space; the view of earth; the shape of your country; the roof of your house; the shape of your body; the feeling of your body.

Now, just absorb the feeling that you have in your body. Reflect on the images that were more difficult to create, or aroused some sensory response; consider their quality and their part in the whole. Perhaps you find that these qualities are relevant to your connection to yourself.

If Yoga Nidra has healing for the body and mind as a form of Psychic Sleep, this simple journey may bring healing to you, your home, and wisdom to understand your part in its abundant life. Try creating your own meditation!


Jai Garuda is an International Yoga teacher who began studying alternative medicine over 17 years ago. Trained in India and Australia in Hatha, Satyananda and Iyengar Yoga, Jai also teaches Zen Shiatsu, and has been a clinic therapist as a kinesiologist, holistic counselor and yoga therapist. He has been actively involved in community health in several countries, training many students around the world to provide reliable and empowering yoga therapy and medicinal bodywork. He also has a long standing interest in Shamanic Medicine and dance therapy.

Elemental Yoga Therapy was assembled by Jai, combining wisdoms from several sources of natural medicine and self development arts. It is an entirely unique approach to yoga that unlocks the potential of Traditional Yoga to be a very potent self development system for the modern lifestyle, by bringing yoga into daily life through the connection we all need in nature itself.

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