December 20, 2012

Your Place in the War Between Nature & Destruction. ~ Jai me Allison

What lies ahead.

On this fragile, enduring, sacred, profane, helpless, hopeful, celebrated, forgotten, cherished Mobius strip of mortal life we inhabit, we cannot see far enough behind us or in front of us to reconcile all that life brings.

If it was possible to step back far enough, our vantage point would offer a view where all of the injustices that have ever been—or will ever be—are rectified. All of the wrongs are righted. All that has been lost is found, and all that has been hurt is healed.

Life, just like the Mobius strip, is a continuum. Life, just like the Mobius strip, has a bend. We know this bend as birth and death. The bend is what we can’t see beyond even though we remain on the same side. There is no other, no “out there,” no real separation; merely a perceived one.

Light can bend. Light seems eternal because it can turn the “corner” on the Mobius strip. Light and love are one in the same. Love is beginning-less and endless. It is always there. The love we have for those who have “turned the corner” often seems brighter than when we could see them. We have love for our unborn children and what can be. Love, just like light, can turn the corner.

Life is a continuum. If we could see far enough in both directions we’d see the balance of all things. Nature seeks this balance. She demands it. It is necessary for life to continue.

We are living in a time of great shifts and rapid change.

The balance of the pendulum of life has swung far from the midline. It has moved to an extreme that is built on subjugating nature, the elements and the natural order of things. Just like a pendulum, when the peak of the arc is attained, the momentum slams into itself and pieces collide. Eternity seems to rush up upon itself, and all that was is altered and confused. The world as it was implodes under a burden of its own making. Then, there is a pause, a place that is poised for change. As the pendulum slowly begins its return to center, there is a gathering momentum and an increased velocity.

We are emerging from the pause at the height of the pendulum’s arc and seeking a midline. Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, nature became something to command and subdue. Humans moved away from the natural order of things and set a schedule of their own folly. We could have light at any time. We could work at any time. Food became available out of season and could be preserved indefinitely with the magic of chemicals and additives. If we felt hungry we could microwave an instant meal. If we felt tired, there was always caffeine and sugar. If we felt a strong emotion we could bury it under piles of junk. The possibilities of the “junk” are endless. Here are a few examples: shopping, eating, drinking, drugs, sex; whatever your pleasure, and of course it’s available with the push of a button instantaneously via the Internet!

How powerful we feel with all of these advancements—so in charge of our lives! If we are so powerful, then why are we sick, tired, overweight, discontent and filled with a malaise that can only represent the emptiness of the soul? What went wrong?

What the proponents of the Industrial Revolution did not realize is the only way to “command” Nature is to “obey” Her.  Advances in science, medicine and technology have been nothing short of astounding. I am not suggesting that we return to 19th century living. Like any seasoned student of Tantra, I am suggesting that we have both. As we approach the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, December 21, 2012, perhaps now is the time to rediscover Nature’s wisdom, to “obey” Her rhythm.

Nature is the ultimate mother.

She provides all we need and offers guidelines to insure our health and well being. She has already taught us everything. Each of us possess a primal wisdom that remembers how to have a body, how to take care of ourselves, how to live and how to thrive. We are free to accept or reject this wisdom. We are free to employ this wisdom. We are free to turn away from Her wisdom.  She even allows us to be the ruin of ourselves—not because she is cruel, but because we have freedom of choice.

As the dawn of a new year, a new age, a new day is upon us, shall we choose to align with Nature? Shall we choose to follow her rhythm? Like any good mother, Nature will not exact a fee for aligning with Her. She will shower us with the gifts of deep sleep, vibrant energy, optimal health and the capacity to care for each other and ourselves that is second to none.  By following her lead, we will be in command of our bodies and know how to live so that we can thrive. Isn’t it time to stop running on empty and creating a huge deficit of spirit?

Empowerment is our birthright. Paradoxically, this empowerment comes from following the eternal wisdom of the Universe. The best leaders know how to follow; that is their advantage.

In the depth of winter, the Winter Solstice, the breath of the year has completed its exhale and there is a pause—a pause that touches the wisdom of eternity and melts into the oneness of Cosmic wisdom. As the inhalation begins and a new year is birthed, what will be carried forward from this pause in eternity? Will we remember our connection to the web of life, or forge ahead on a path of destruction? We were born as nature and to live as nature. We were created out of a timeless pattern that has sustained life, even when we insist on ruining it. Let’s end the struggle, embrace life and learn how to thrive!

Wishing you all the blessings that are carried on the quiet hush of the season.

Jai me Allison, E-RYT 500 registered and formerly certified in Anusara Yoga from 1999-2012, has a proven track record of efficacy and optimal outcome. She is constantly refining her approach to her yoga practice and to life. With over 20 years of study and continuing education, Jai me understands the bio-mechanics of the human form and its application. She offers her insights and experience to educate, inspire and empower her students.

Jai me is a dedicated student of Dr. Douglas Brooks. Since 1998 the rich and multifaceted teachings of Rajanaka Tantra have offered her the opportunity to create a tapestry of life that is deep and expansive.

She is reinvesting in the study of Ayurveda including Daily Routine, Dinacharya. The refinement of our Daily Routine is the most available and transformational commitment we can make to our health. Jai me has been experiencing the impact of small changes made over time in her daily routine. She is taking, not only her asana practice, but her life to a whole new level of vibrancy and depth.
Superficiality holds fleeting interest in a world filled with wonder hiding in plain sight. In addition to regular asana practice and the study of Ayurveda, Jai me is an avid hiker, gardener and is currently exploring life through the lens of a camera, the written word and as a forager.

Nature offers all we need. Life is abundant and waiting for us to receive Her gifts. At any given moment we can change the way we want to be and create the life of our dreams. Life is a precious gift, a treasure waiting to unfold, a story longing to be told.

To learn about workshops. events and an on-line Daily Routine course, please contact Jai me at: [email protected] / www.jamieallisonyoga.com

For more on Ayurveda please visit, www.yogahealer.com


Ed: Kevin Macku

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