20 Things I Learned in 2012.

Via Jamie Squires
on Jan 3, 2013
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Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

~ Helen Keller

2012 was a year of growth and change for me. I renewed my commitment to myself, my dreams, my family, my friends, my goals. I found myself, a new stronger version of myself. I will continue to remind myself daily:

1. A giant Southern family is a blessing not a curse.

2. Children laughing is one of the greatest sounds.

3. Community and friendships are necessary in life.

4. Love arrives when your soul is ready for it.

5. Creativity is joy.

6. Money does not bring happiness.

7. Falling in love with yourself is paramount.

8. Being active daily keeps illness in check.

9. Giving back brings more to your life than those you help.

10. You never stop learning and growing.

11. Yoga pants are the most comfortable thing to wear.

12. Being content in who you are today is the only way to change your future self.

13. Handstands are really hard.

14. Learning to say no is difficult but necessary.

15. Be present in the moment, don’t worry about tomorrow. Worry never solved anything.

16. People don’t need to be fixed. You can accept them with faults or disengage.

17. Arguing is a complete waste of energy. Communicate.

18. Smile every day.

19. Dancing is good for the spirit.

20. Life is a blessing. Live it, don’t just exist in it.


21. My children are the most amazing people, they are the greatest gift. I thank my former husband for them.


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About Jamie Squires

Jamie Squires originally from Mobile, Alabama and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Mother, sister, daughter, friend. Photographer. Yogi. Writer. Living with Lupus and celebrating life after cancer. Lover of the written word. She get the giggles..She is generous with her spirit and laughter. Tends to make excessively long lists. Drinks Irish beer. Hates wearing shoes. Is passionate. Jamie is covered in ink. Loves cheese. It doesn’t interest her what you do for a living, she want to know what your dreams are. You find her portfolio at JamieSquires.com and "like" her on Facebook.


3 Responses to “20 Things I Learned in 2012.”

  1. Deb Caplin says:

    It seems we have a great deal in common Jamie.
    Mother of two. Living with Lupus. Aspiring yogi. Living in Boulder.
    Great lessons from 2012. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Lara says:

    Loved this. Thank you!