January 28, 2013

A Little Bit About Love. ~ Jen McKelvie

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It’s the little things.

He looks old. But we are face to face snuggled into each other, every so often he kisses my neck. I can see pools of affection in his deep brown eyes and feel tenderness when his rough hand caresses my face.

On the train home from work, one stranger gives another a commiserating glance after a long day. A smile is exchanged between passengers when they both notice something funny. At a café, everyone patiently waits in line as a new customer deciphers the menu. On the street I drop my wallet and three people stop to pick it up, warn me I dropped it and give it back. A homeless man says, “God bless you” to a stranger who doesn’t give money, but at least gives a smile.

It’s easy not to notice, understand or appreciate the moments of our lives. It’s difficult to breathe, rearrange thought patterns, settle in, settle down, release and enjoy the ebb and flow.

Your life, their life, my life, our collective lives.

Why not savor?

Why not enjoy?

Why not say yes?

Why not dig in?

Why not love, care, feel?

Give me one good reason to not unclench my fist and offer an open hand and heart. What more could anyone ask for than to be able to give love?

The worst that will happen is that I will learn, and in the end, that’s really not so bad.



Jen McKelvie lives and works on the island of Manhattan, the first place she has ever been happy to return to after time away. Her soul flies highest when she is wandering the streets laughing too loudly with best friends. She loves yoga, her dog and green juice.

You can connect with Jen @jenny_jump_up or here: jmckelvie.com.



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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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