January 29, 2013

Facebook as a Medium of Shamanic Recapitulation. ~ Jim Fry

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Being impeccable with our words, and deeply aware of their cascading impacts, has never been more important.

With Facebook now estimated to have over a billion participants, the recorded interconnectedness of the global and local populations has evolved to a new phenomenon, with extraordinary impacts.

One of these impacts is the ability to perform a deep review of our own personal and relationship experiences and history.

Shamanic recapitulation, popularized by Carlos Castaneda‘s books, is a process of deep review of our experiences to re-frame our experiences, release emotions and evolve through healing. Even more than e-mail records, Facebook exponentially facilitates deeper review and recapitulations.

Every post and comment we create along with those we are connected with is memorialized. Every new connection, every de-friending or blocking and all of the communications in-between (including the emotional content) are scribed, forever.

Marginalizing the media as less impacting or real than other ways we interact or share and communicate discounts the actual communications and focuses upon the media. As elucidated well in the physics and metaphysics book, My Big Toe (Theory of Everything), our very consciousness is the process of reception and transmission of information, and the Facebook medium delivers the single largest composite of this information upon the planet.

While touch and physical relationships generally hold the most powerful and energetic impacts upon us, much of the Facebook experience blends the actual physical communications with our digital communications with our friends, families and important people in our lives.

Beyond the obvious impacts Facebook has upon us, My Big Toe (MBT) materials suggest another phenomenon that may escape our peripheral vision and understanding. MBT posits that based upon research and experimentation in the quantum and consciousness sciences, the actual recording upon a medium (paper or electronic) has an impact on our very reality.

If the information is recorded, then reality (and our experience) is constrained to a set of probabilities based upon the recorded history. While our memories each fade and we re-frame those memories of our experiences and events, recorded information is not subject to the same changes (though it remains subject to our individual interpretations).

Performing a recapitulation recently, using Facebook communications as one source of the recorded history, has demonstrated the extensive volume of potential to isolate shifts in perspective, communication foibles and challenging interpretations we each encounter as we seek to relate to each other.

Beyond mere curiosity or personal use to review ourselves (and others), the Facebook phenomenon has become an accelerant to the evolution of our very consciousness, individually and collectively.

Being impeccable with our words, and deeply aware of their cascading impacts, has never been more important.

From “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz:

“1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

If we begin to practice this in all aspects of our communications with others, we begin to shift our assemblage points, and we recondition any abusive patterns—in a fashion similar to how positive affirmations work.

We transform and perform alchemy upon ourselves.

Speaking with integrity is a process which requires continual conscious focus, whereby we check and ensure we speak our truth, and only speak those words which will produce a positive benefit. As we use our minds to perform these processes with our communications, we hone both our intellectual and emotional maturities, as we are growing and expanding (wiring our neurons firing, consciously and with intent).

By becoming impeccable with our word, we drastically reduce the potential to trigger one another, and with each trigger we avoid, more focus and emotional stability may be leveraged for healing.


Jim Fry: I’m a Multi-vert and Magician-in-Training. I celebrate my inner landscape, solitude and explorations in an introverted fashion, while still seeking to share my reflections and build community. For me, Magick* is the art of intentionally shifting the state of my consciousness, and BEing.




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