January 9, 2013

Facing Adversity with Faith & Grace. ~ Candyce C. Fleming

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Cracks and All.

The Japanese use a method of repairing broken ceramic called kintsugi, which leaves the cracks exposed but filled with a golden lacquer resin, thus honoring the entire life of the piece, breaks and all.

I can only surmise that the people of Japan are surviving the aftermath of devastating tsunamis and earthquakes with such grace because things such as this are deeply embedded in their culture.

Sometimes I think I am as amazing as Neo in the Matrix. I can bend and flex, so when all sorts of stuff comes at me, it just whizzes right by. I am briefly aware of the everything that flies past, but it does not touch me.

Truthfully, there is a lot going on in the world right now that is affecting us but not quite touching us. We are observers. Our power lies in our observations and intentions.

One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, fascinating to me (and maybe to you?), is that the observer affects the observed reality.

What are we seeing when we witness these worldwide crises? What are you seeing when you observe your own life crises?

Personally, I am inspired beyond words by the people of Japan as I witness the depth of their humanity and faith. While my heart—and whatever I can spare from my wallet—goes out to them, I am receiving something much greater in return. They have shown me how to face adversity with faith and grace by continuing to get up every day and do what needs to be done. They are taking care of their neighbors. I am so inspired. As an observer, that is where I choose to align my focus. They are filling in the cracks caused by these tragedies with their light.

My own personal cracks? I am at peace with them. Present Candyce has had a very interesting journey to get where she is today.

There was a time when I was simply broken. It was the process of putting myself back together, and trusting that all of my pieces are useful and beautiful, that has created the me I enjoy very much being today.

Like myself, my dearest friends have some fantastic cracks, and I adore the works of art they are today. I appreciate that they honor this entire piece as well.

As an observer and an intender, I plan on focusing this week on all of the good that has the potential to surround me. Not just in Japan, but in all places where peace should reside and healing should occur. Some of those places could even be in me. I see and intend all of these things for you as well, my fellow once-cracked-now-light-filled ones.


Candyce C. Fleming lives at Sharanam Shire with her husband Will, dog Shanti, and cat Hamish. She believes that beach, backyard and home are the best sanctuaries, and loves all aspects of being in those spaces. She knows peace begins with her.



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