Finally, A Little Something for the Ladies. {Infographic}

Via Tara Lemieux
on Jan 12, 2013
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“Show me a woman who shaves everyday and I’ll show you a woman who’s having an affair.” ~ Erma Bombeck

In response to that age-old question, and very much tongue in cheek—but something we have all very much wondered on that cold winter’s day.

At last, and finally, a resource—an easy chart to help guide the way, in those earliest moments between the comfort of our sheets and the beginnings of a brand new day.

Something to make us smile, in this, the sisterhood of “having all been there.”

Yes, finally for you—and for each of us all—an answer to that one question that has nagged us all…


“Do I really need to shave my damned legs?”


Source: via Tara on Pinterest

Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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