January 2, 2013

Get What You Need in the New Year: The Fulfilling 5-Fold Formula.

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In the end of 2011, I spent some time reflecting and creating a road map of how I wanted 2012 to be.

As I wrote in my article last year, you can start creating a road map for change at any time, but January is always a good starting point.

For instance, most successful companies re-allocate budget and resources at the beginning of the year. Imagine yourself as the CEO of You, Inc., crafting the road map for the upcoming year.

As 2012 progressed I adapted and changed in accordance with my personal road map that I created at the end of 2011. Amazingly, one of my wildest dreams, moving to Colorado, came true! Interestingly, the chain of events that unfolded to aid my move was as if the entire universe was cooperating with me.

As 2012 draws to a close I have thought about the goals I’ve achieved: I quit smoking, lost weight and found my life’s passion—even a true love. All these goals—dreams I had for many years before seeing them to fruition—required that I make some similar actions. Once I realized the similarities and differences in the actions, I came up with the following five-fold success formula, which I would like to share with you so you can see your dreams through, too.

1. What do you really need? Discovering your heart’s desire.

The hardest part of finding a solution to a problem is defining the problem. The same applies to dreams. When your dreams are in sync with your heart’s true desire, it’s easy to define them. You’ll be surprised by how benevolent the universe is and how much it helps you make your dreams come true.

That being said, this step requires some work. You can discover your heart’s desire by following five life-changing ideas on how to go with your flow.

Once you’ve discovered your goals and dreams, start a dream journal—write them all down to make yourself more accountable. Writing will also help you to constantly reflect on your dream, which will help you remain true to yourself. Yoga can really help you stay authentic to yourself, as well. You may even find out a new thing or two about yourself! Read more about the essential qualities you need to improve your life and bring your mind into a state of equanimity.

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2. Confidence: go in the direction of your dreams.

Once you’ve discovered your heart’s desire, you must be confident and trust yourself. People might try to discourage you and call you crazy. But, you need to have a deep, positive and unshakable conviction in your dreams. The determination manifests itself as a “strength to move the mountains” and to burn with an enthusiasm that will sweep away obstacles. Confidence is your commitment. This energy and belief will even put you back on track after a failure. And remember, a failure is not a defeat, but a temporary setback. You might even find new innovations if you re-think your action plan after a failure and move on more refreshed than ever!

3. Visualization: the power of positive thinking.

Imagine yourself having achieved your goals. Dedicate a few minutes every day to do this exercise. You should keep it short, but consistent—set the same time daily for this practice. You can visualize yourself healthy and fit if you desire to lose weight. I practiced visualizing myself sitting on top of the sunny Colorado mountains every morning after my yoga practice. I wrote in my dream journal how my Colorado life would be and what I would do.

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4. Work: how to make your dreams become reality.

This is not the most fun part, but without work, your dreams are shallow fantasies and all your dreaming is simply a waste of time. If you want results, you have to put in the time and work to see them through. For example, you must exercise and change your diet if you would like to live a healthier life. You have to take classes and educate yourself if you are dreaming of a career move.

No matter what your dream, it requires time and focus to manifest itself. However, it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice since you’re moving towards your dream! For example, I skipped quite a few very appealing social functions to spend time focusing on my goals, but I didn’t really care because I knew I was getting closer to achieving them with every day that passed!

5. Take a leap of faith: leap and the net will appear.

Change can sound like a good idea in theory but, in practice, it is not always so easy. When you make a change in your life, you might be opening up your own personal Pandora’s Box. You can never know for sure the outcome of any change. It’s natural to have a fear of the unknown. However, change requires a leap of faith.

Trapeze Leap…

One of my friends, Captain Ike, described a leap through a sailing metaphor. Imagine you’re setting sail on an adventure to discover a new land, while all your friends and family are on the shore. Perhaps they’re even telling you that it’s dangerous and they don’t want you to go. But your anchor and your sails are up.

You can see the familiar shore with your friends and family, quickly disappearing, as you go deeper out to sea. You don’t see land for a while, and you might be scared, but you’re not giving up. During the journey you might get a few scars, but you’ll learn about yourself and your boat. You might reach your destination after a while and realize that it has all been worth it!

So as you start your road map for change, here are some things to get you started…

  • ▸ What part of your life would you like to change?
  • ▸ And what leap of faith would be required to make that change a reality?

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