Getting Started. {Yoga Challenge}

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Tip of the day:

When starting a new habit, make it as easy to do as possible. Get rid of any obstacles ahead of time.

So, naturally, I sprang out of bed at 5 a.m. and went to do 108 Sun Salutations in a heated room, right?

Ha ha. Of course not.

To be honest, after the past two and a half weeks of coughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, I was wondering what exactly my practice would amount to this morning.

The thing is though, having worked with many people on stress engagement, and changing or adding new habits, I find that it’s always best to start basic and make it accessible. We don’t need to tell ourselves we are going to go from taking a month (or longer!) off of yoga to a two-hour a day practice at dawn. That’s a sure way to set yourself up for failure, or at the very least discouragement.

Start with an intention and then make a specific plan.

Before I went to bed, I decided I would do a home practice this morning with Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga DVD. It’s a good staple to have if you like to use DVDs to practice at home. I don’t feel like it completely captures Seane’s personality the way she is in a class in person, but it is a good, 65-minute basic Vinyasa. It’s one that I often use if a studio class doesn’t fit my schedule on a particular day, or if I don’t want to try something new.

I knew that my kids and my husband would be home and doing their own thing while I practiced, so I made sure I had everything I needed ahead of time: water, my mat, my laptop and DVD, the clothes I wanted. Sounds silly, but the best way to reinforce a new habit (and keep other things from getting in the way) is to be completely prepared.

And it was exactly what I needed this morning.

An hour to myself. A wonderful, detoxing, wake-me-up flow to start the new year.

What was your practice like today? Are you doing #yogaeverydamnday this month? Check back for my updates and follow along on Twitter @kate_bartolotta and Pinterest.


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5 Responses to “Getting Started. {Yoga Challenge}”

  1. laydowninthetallgrass says:

    YES! Awesome, Kate!

    My practice today: an hour and forever with the amazing Eoin Finn, live and in person, surrounded by 199 yogis.
    Bliss. Freedom. Joy. Intention. Release. Sweat. Tears. Love.

    ~ Bryonie

  2. edie says:

    Lovely…yesterday I did Kreg Weiss on myyogaonline…after 11ish pm….fantastic flow by the way. Want to do it again, maybe later today….
    Know what to do and how are one thing and doing it is another thing all together.
    Did not realize you've been sick.
    Spice water: cloves, cinnamon, ginger, honey lemon….sip away.

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