Jump Backs Are Hard! {Videos} ~ Nichole Gould

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on Jan 28, 2013
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Do you feel like the jump backs in Ashtanga are impossible?

Oh okay, it is not just the jump backs that are hard. The entire practice is challenging.

But we all have poses that we try to conquer before others. Personally, I struggle with padmasana (lotus) and after eight months, I still cannot achieve the full expression of the pose.

So that makes quite a few of the poses difficult for me. I have to use a lot of modifications.

In bhujapidasana (shoulder pressure pose), I tend to fall back on my best asset or foreword onto my face. I have yet to lift and cross my feet. I always end up laughing at myself though! Which is a good reminder to keep it playful!

I tend to work on the parts of the sequence that seem the most achievable for me. I know that is different for each one of us. But I wanted to share this video because it helped me connect to the movements. In this video, David Garrigues is able to break down the action of the jump backs. He also offers suggestions on ways to build the appropriate core muscles in order to work towards achieving the action.

While I still have not mastered it, I now have the foundation of the motion and have moved forward with baby steps. To me, that is progress and change.


Here is Kino McGregor’s video. She breaks down the jump back into different stages from beginner to advanced.

 I hope these videos help you with your yoga journey. Stay curious!


Photo:Nichole Gould

Nichole Gouldis the founder of Barefoot Warrior Yoga in The White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a Student of life, yogini, yoga teacher, landscape gardener, single mother, organic pizza waitress and lover of all board sports, she considers herself a jack of much and a master of none. She can also be found dabbling with guitar playing, singing off key, reading from her many stacks of books or writing poetry. Feel feel to peruse her Facebook page or contact her via her website for more insight into her ever curious mind.





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2 Responses to “Jump Backs Are Hard! {Videos} ~ Nichole Gould”

  1. HeatherM says:

    Never met David, but awesome teacher! Thanks for sharing this video. Having studied with Pattabhis Jois in Mysore he always said, "no move hands, no move hands!" For me, I developed the jump forward with straight legs before the jumping back. I have to say, however, Guruji never went into these details. So, going back to your hotel or where-ever was 'practice, 'practice, practice.'

    Really good article!.

  2. Izzysoul says:

    I too can jump forward with my legs straight….with a bit of a rough landing after a few. I have yet to successfully jump back. I kind of drag my legs through. I hope to study with one of these great teachers very soon.
    Thank you for reading!