January 14, 2013

Jump into the Pool of Your Dreams. ~ Rebecca Schwarz


I am 30.

Honestly, I’m sick of working. I don’t have a hard job, I own a snorkel/surf shop (insert laughter here) and I do massage (more laughter). Yet, all work is work when there’s something else I would rather be doing.

I’m tired of people telling me, “Get used to it, you have another 30 years to do it.” Really? 30 years of feeling like my time isn’t mine?

I don’t subscribe to this line of thinking.

My life doesn’t equal student loan payments, rent, electric bills or groceries.

What about work not being work because we love what we’re doing? When do I get to throw the covers back, scream “Hello world” and jump out of bed to create the most exceptional day with activities of my choice?

Instead of 30 years of monotony, try this:

Today I quit my job.

Tomorrow I am moving to Brazil to open a surf school.

I am becoming a successful ceramics artist who teaches Zen meditation on the side.

I have time to do all the most amazing art projects I dream up.

I have all the time to exercise, and do yoga and anything else that suits my fancy.

All of my friends come to dinner once a week and we drink wine without hangovers lingering the following day.

I am in no rush to have children. What clock? Is it ticking? Did you hear something? (Sorry, Mom.)

I finished my degree in graphic design with a double minor in art history and sustainable architecture.

The chicken coop is up in the backyard.

The bees will produce honey next spring.

I can’t wait to see the daffodils come up in the spring.

I have an open-ended around the world ticket that never expires, no change fees either. Best of all, I don’t have to request time off from work!

I have a hammock that I sit in for every sunset.

I drink tea and read like I’m getting paid for it.

Time isn’t a concept I think about anymore; it’s just what is always around, sitting in candy dishes for the taking.

Work is a word that need not exist anymore, because everything I do is because I want to.

Life is now infused with joy, and abundance and Brazil is great!

I will send you a postcard!

Rebecca Schwarz is in a state of constant awareness of just how amazingly glorious this existence can be on a small island in the middle of the Pacific. Monday mornings, early morning runs, channel crossings, belly laughter and her nieces are some of her favorite things. Sweet potatoes, kale and beets make her heart happy. She is contemplating filling her plate too full with the endless amounts of things to do in this life. If you want to try your luck put a note in a bottle and hope that it reaches her, or email her [email protected]

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