January 25, 2013

Move Forward with Your Goals the Feng Shui Way!

Jump start the new year with a few of these simple tricks.

I hope this new year brings you a lot of money, good health and amazing relationships.

You need a digital compass in order to get this right; preferably, an iPhone, iPad or any smart phone compass is the best. Also, make sure to give this three months to see changes—for most people, immediate shifts will happen—but stay patient.

Whatever your goals may be, every single person, based on their gender and when they were born, has a direction that supports them with money, relationships and health. The first step is figuring out your Gua number—once you have that, find the directions that support you with relationships, health and money on the charts provided below.

To find your Gua number, based on your birth date, go here. If you’re born January 1st—February 4th, use the previous year as your year of birth, because the Chinese solar calendar doesn’t begin until February 4th. If you’re born February 5th—December 31st, then use the year you were born.

Once you find your Gua number, go here to find your +90 (Sheng Qi) money direction, +80 (Tien Yi) health direction and +70 (Yen Nien) relationship direction.

Here are some simple techniques to utilize your directions:

> Start sleeping with your head to your money, relationship or health direction, depending on what your goal is.

> When you’re meeting with clients, face your money direction to ensure that you close the deal, make more money, get new clients and resolve a difficult transaction easily.

> At work, whether in your home office or business, situate your desk to face your money, relationship or health direction.

> Lastly, start walking in and out of doors, whether in your home or office that face your money, relationship or health direction, exclusively.

Pick a goal that you want to work on. For example, if you want to start dating and/or getting married is on your list of goals this year, use your relationship direction. If you want to make more money this year, use your money direction. If you want to improve your health or have a stellar year for fitness related goals, use your health direction.

If you want all of the above then mix it up by moving your bed to your money direction, face your relationship direction when you’re working and walk in and out of doors that face your health direction.

However, the quickest and best way to make this system work for you is if you pick one goal and utilize that direction for your bed, doors, facing direction, working direction. Remember, we are only limited by our thoughts and the world around us.

You can do it! Make this your year to shine! Happy New Year!


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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