January 26, 2013

Silence. {Poem} ~ Dan Maher

Photo: Dario Cogliati


The room is dark
There’s a chill in the air
I feel a disturbance
What is it? Where is it?

 It’s all around but I can’t find it

 I close my eyes hoping it goes away
It’s still there, getting closer

 My heart starts to beat faster
I start to sweat
I tell myself it’s nothing
It’s just my imagination

 It’s all around me
I feel like I’m suffocating
I can’t breathe, make it stop
I feel trapped
I can’t escape

 Take a deep breath and relax
Quiet my mind and it will be gone

 But it’s not gone
It’s in my head and it won’t leave

I realize that it’s been there for a long time and that it will never leave
Then I realize what it is:
It’s the ultimate reality and I need to embrace it and once I do I will be free

What is this ultimate reality?


Father of two, sport fanatic and spirituality-inspired novice writer, Daniel Maher spent 19 years of his life working as an iron worker. He built hundreds of buildings and loved what he did for a living until four years ago, when he had a life-altering accident. He fell on the job and suffered a severe spinal injury.

His life has never been the same and he has had to examine what defines him as a man, husband, son and father. He has had a long road to recovery with many challenges, both physical and emotional. He has found inspiration in the world around him, from the incredible friends who stood by him during the most challenging moments, and from everyday life and events. The yogic philosophy texts his wife has all around the house may contribute, as well. Life is challenging and there are no guarantees, but Dan feels our own perception defines the quality of our life. What is your perception?

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Assistant Ed: Thandiwe Ogbonna

Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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