January 7, 2013

This Beautiful Moment. ~ Nichole Gould


Photo: created by Nichole Gould

This conscious moment.

The air is cold and crisp as we make our way along the sidewalk,

my four legged companion and I.

She pulls steadily with her nose to the ground,

I with my chin tucked

and cap down avoiding the chilling wind.

Thoughts of this and that come and go.

Plow trucks and cars crunch past us

in the morning hustle and bustle

of those on their commute to work and school.

Noting my whirring imagination

we take a left towards the snowy cemetery path.

Though it lies in the center of town,

once we pass the giant locked tomb at its entrance,

we are surrounded by silence. We fall into a steady rhythm together.

My little companions walks on top of the crusty snow

as I walk in the path of the single tire tracks

of one lone visitor who braved the weather to pay vigil to a lost loved one.

I check in with myself…

my thoughts have ceased.

I focus on my breath,

warm on the way out

and cool on the way in.

Snowflakes alight on my eyelashes

so we pause and lift our faces to the sky

taking a deep breath in

and sighing it out.

Peaceful solitude with my companion.

She sits with her ears twitching,

hearing sounds I am not consciously in tune with.

All I can hear is the snow falling

and the silence beyond that.

The gravestones are nestled in their spots

with blankets of white covering them

A few more deep breaths here

completely in this moment

and we are on our way.

As we leave the solace of the cemetery

the busy noises of the morning all find their way

back to our ears and our consciousness.

Along with that my thoughts start up again.

I give thanks to this beautiful moment.

This breath.

This life.

This conscious moment.


Photo: Nichole Gould

Nichole Gould is the founder of Barefoot Warrior Yoga in The White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a Student of life, yogini, yoga teacher, landscape gardener, single mother, organic pizza waitress and lover of all board sports, she considers herself a jack of much and a master of none. She can also be found dabbling with guitar playing, singing off key, reading from her many stacks of books or writing poetry. Feel feel to peruse her Facebook page or contact her via her website for more insight into her ever curious mind.










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