To my Fellow Amateurs: Fight Your Way Through.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Jan 27, 2013
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There is a gap between what we dream of doing and what we are doing.

It’s going to take time and a lot of hard work to bridge those two things. We love what we do, but as a friend reminded me recently, we can’t schedule creativity. It comes when it wants to and we piece it together with equal parts love, sweat, tears and that magical electricity we pass around to each other called passion.

I have read this before, but saw it again today and thought to share it.

Don’t despair when success isn’t immediate.

It’s going to take time, and then at the right time and the right place after all of our hard work—things will come together.

You’ve just gotta fight your way through:


~ Ira Glass


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About Kate Bartolotta

Kate Bartolotta is a wellness cheerleader, yogini storyteller, and self-care maven. She also writes for Huffington Post, Yoga International, Mantra Yoga+ Health, a beauty full mind, The Good Men Project, The Green Divas, The Body Project, Project Eve, Thought Catalog and Soulseeds. Kate's books are now available on and Barnes & She is passionate about helping people fall in love with their lives. You can connect with Kate on Facebook and Instagram.


3 Responses to “To my Fellow Amateurs: Fight Your Way Through.”

  1. edieyoga says:

    Again. lovely…as I tell my fellow writers: you gotta write a lot of Sh*t sometimes to find the pearls…they are in all of us….I pride myself in my tenacity….not that it does not get in the way….but fair warning. I won't go away.

  2. Yes! And think about how we get pearls too—that little irritation that just won't go away…and eventually it becomes something beautiful. 🙂

  3. edieyoga says:

    Indeed! As always, with gratitude…