What are “Beautiful People?”

Via Jamie Squires
on Jan 11, 2013
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In our society we permit—and encourage—the media to dictate what should be considered beautiful.

7329030-young-healthy-good-looking-macho-man-model-athlete-at-hotel-indoor-poolThis isn’t a new discussion, but come on people it’s 2013, this is old. Tired. Trite. Obnoxious. Sad. I’m honestly over it.

People Magazine tells us who the most beautiful people are and the printing sells like hotcakes. Okay, so those individuals won a genetic lottery and happen to bring in tons of money for movie studios and record labels.

What about the people who give back to our society in real and lasting ways? Where is the magazine devoted to truly beautiful?


Beauty is so much more than the structure of a skeletal system and the flesh which makes a covering—this is a shell. A protection for your true self.

True beauty shines so brightly that without this outward wrapping the light would blind. This is the “glow” people speak of when they see happy men and women.

Let’s allow our light to shine.

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